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We offer both in-house and remote appointments, that are 50 minutes per session. They can be scheduled via email or this booking page.

Scheduling Policy

As a courtesy to the entire student body, individuals are only allowed to schedule two (2) appointments per day. ESL students and college freshman can receive additional services upon request.

Waitlisted Policy

Waitlisted appointments are NOT actual appointments since waitlists usually occur when the Center is fully booked. The Center will contact you to confirm that your waitlist is rescheduled to an actual appointment as soon as an opening occurs.

Booking in Advance

Students can book an appointment up to 14 days in advance from the current date. If more time is needed, please make your request by contacting us.


More than 3 no-shows can cause students to lose their privileges to schedule appointments for the rest of that semester. They will only be allowed walk-in privileges. 

Being more than 15 minutes late to an appointment is considered a no-show, and the session is forfeited to any walk-ins or waitlisted students

Rescheduling Policy

Please give The Writing Center 24 hours’ notice before canceling an appointment. We reserve the right to reschedule if your written assignment is due within 30 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

If TWO (2) consecutive appointments are cancelled within one (1) week and without 24 hours’ notice in advance, students are ineligible to schedule any additional appointments for that same week. Consistent cancellations/no shows may jeopardize your Writing Center Privileges. However, students can regain their appointment privilege each new semester.

Please review How to Begin an E-session if you are unfamiliar
with our online appointment services.


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