Nyack College Writing Center Employees

About Us


Our desire is to see all students of Alliance University develop and thrive as writers, whether they are on the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • We encourage students to engage in all stages of the writing process
  • We offer support and tutelage across all disciplines and genres
  • We facilitate students’ own efforts and processes
  • We empower students to take full command of their own writing
  • We evaluate each student to determine the best individualized support


Our mission and purpose is to position The Writing Center as a place that talks about writing, teaches about writing, and presents support about writing on a consistent basis to our student body. The Writing Center promotes the writing process above that of a completed draft. Whilst our ultimate goal is to have our students leave with a final product they are pleased with, we are even more interested in what the student gleans from immersing in the writing process.


We encourage a collaboration of the student’s effort, the consultant’s support, and the acceptance of God’s grace in all things. Therefore, our Writing & Research Consultants do not write papers for students but, instead, act as guides through the writing and research process. Students are individually evaluated to determine the best means of support through which the Consultant may assist in the natural development of initial ideas, intermediate work, and eventually, a finished product.