What is Online Tutoring?

The goal of Online Tutoring is to provide a virtual platform that encourages and expands the accessibility of tutoring services for all.

Which subject areas will be available for Online Tutoring this semester?

Online tutoring will be provided for all courses offered by the Tutoring Center.

Who will be tutoring me online?

Certified Alliance University Peer Tutors will be leading the Online Tutoring sessions via Setmore.

How does Online Tutoring work?

Students can sign up for online tutoring sessions by booking an appointment via our booking link for our peer tutors.


Online tutoring is a virtual platform where students can meet with a tutor one-on-one. It is recommended that the students have access to a computer equipped with a microphone and webcam, a tablet, or any other equivalent device*.  Online tutoring via our peer tutors will operate with the use of several Apps: Google Hangout, or Zoom and (optional) Whiteboard.

*Mobile devices can be used

Who can receive online tutoring?

Online Tutoring is available to all Alliance University Students

How to attend your online tutoring sessions?

With Peer Tutors:

  1. At the scheduled session time, log into your Alliance University Google account.
  2. Your tutor will then start a Google Hangout Video Call, or send you a Zoom link.
  3. You will receive a notification, “Click to Join the video call”. Click to join, or click on the Zoom link.
  4. Your tutor will share a link for Whiteboard using the chat feature if using.
  5. You and you tutor will now be able to interact using both video chat and online whiteboard.

What are the Rules?

  1. All online sessions must be done through the Alliance University Google accounts (your my.nyack.edu account)
  2. Tutors and students are allowed to be in their rooms during sessions, sitting up, not laying down.
  3. Students must adhere to Alliance University’s dress code during tutoring sessions. Be appropriate.
  4. Tutors and students are allowed and encouraged to use headphones.
  5. Sessions should not occur past 10:00 PM.
  6. If any of these rules are violated by the student, they can lose their online tutoring privilege.

The Apps that drive Online Tutoring


  • Whiteboard is an innovative tool where tutors can easily create an online classroom.
  • It will be the online whiteboard for online tutoring
  • Tutors and students can easily write in real-time on the whiteboards
  • Information can to be written down or solved on the spot
  • Boards can be shared with the student to review notes from previous tutoring sessions
  • Sessions can be saved and continue where last ended

Google Hangouts / Zoom

Google Hangouts or Zoom will be used as a visual interface between tutor and student. It allows tutors to create a Circle of students for both individual and group sessions. Students can now have access to the Tutoring Services without having to leave the comfort of their own homes or dorms.