The Tutoring Center provides free tutoring services to all undergraduate students at Nyack College, including online students.

To schedule an appointment please visit our booking link above.

Nyack’s tutoring program emphasizes basic academic skills, which can be transferred across the curriculum. It is designed to help: Improve academic standing, retention rates, and graduation rates among all undergraduate students.

Covid-19 Update:

In-person Tutoring: Nyack College is deciding whether we will have in-person tutoring or not. We will keep you updated.

Online Tutoring: Available from September 16th.

Due to the current Global Pandemic, we have decided to maintain our online only format for the current 2021 Fall semester. We have worked hard to offer multiple ways for you to receive free online tutoring.

Peer Tutors – All Nyack College Peer tutors have been trained to Tutor remotely via Google Hangouts or Zoom. To book with a Nyack College Peer tutor, please visit the peer tutor booking link above, and they will give you further instructions. (Note: Peer Tutors have limited hours, and limited subject availability, so students will be able to book on a “first come, first serve” basis)

Visit the ONLINE TUTORING Tab for information.