Nyack College’s campus radio station, 88.7 FM Warrior Radio, enjoyed an amazing 2016-2017 year. Some of this past year’s most memorable moments featured fifteen live in-studio interviews with exceptional musical talents including Trinity Rose and Kayla Rae – both of these artists appeared on the most recent season of NBC’s Emmy Award winning program, THE VOICE. WNYK also interviewed a Women’s Wellness Counselor, Luba Starostiak, and welcomed the non-profit organization Center For Human Development & Family Services (CHDFS) into the studio. One of the greatest honors of having these community members visit our wonderful facilities is to hear them speak quite favorably about the serene and bucolic beauty of the Nyack College campus. The radio station, moreover, conducted a number on on-air phone interviews with several talented artists who were unable to make it into the studio yet they, nonetheless, graced our airwaves with thoughtful and insightful commentary. Additionally, the remarkably talented brother and sister duo Twelve Ballet, based in North Queensland, Australia, were also our esteemed guests.

WNYK is proud of it’s community outreach efforts. We at the radio station were thrilled to partner with BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Radio 4, and recorded audio for the BBC’s interview with local author Susan Cain. In addition to community outreach, WNYK also strives to prominently feature the talents of those within our campus community. We thoroughly enjoyed interviewing members of Nyack College’s Fall 2016 production of West Side Story. Other highlights include a live on-air performance from members of the campus organization Loud Mouths, a live interview with School of Music major Ben Riley, streaming Music Department performances, and a live interview with Nyack College’s LoSTANDfound group to discuss the impact of human trafficking. WNYK produced a “Get to Know a Warrior” podcast highlighting Nyack College student athletes, featured a Black History Month remembrance campaign highlighting exceptional contributions of African Americans to the United States and world community throughout February 2017, and were aided by the exceptional talents of many Communication majors.

Participating interns demonstrated outstanding acumen whilst completing all of their tasks, and gained career experience and invaluable industry knowledge by screening music submissions, contributing to playlist selections, assisting with on-air interviews, and completing their own radio shows. We are extremely excited for what the future holds for WNYK, and are very thankful for all of the support from both the Manhattan and Rockland campuses, and surrounding communities. We are looking forward to an even more successful 2017-2018, and urge everyone to tune in, be a part of our listening family, and spread the word about the great work we are doing here at WNYK with the support of the administration, the talents of our staff, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, we are extending our reach throughout the greater Nyack College family by featuring one alumnus every month through the school year beginning in September 2017 who will discuss his/her life and career paths after graduating from our venerable institution. WNYK encourages everyone to follow 88.7 FM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and links to our radio station’s social media pages can be found here. With sincere thanks from our Program Director, Dr. Sharron Greaves, and Station Manager, Mr. Bradley Hickey – KEEP LISTENING AND SUPPORTING!