While our Campus is beautiful, parking here is very limited.  Because of this, it is a Walking Campus. Having a car on Campus is a privilege, provided for students to be able to leave campus for activities, ministry, and work or shopping.

All Rockland and NYC Students who will be on the Rockland Campus for any reason need to register their vehicles. Then, while on campus, cars should be parked in their designated Parking Lots at all times. Students should apply on line at the beginning of each school year – https://www.permitsales.net/NyackCollege.

For a copy of our Guidelines and Policies for Operating and Parking Vehicles on Nyack’s Campus, CLICK HERE.


Visitors should obtain parking passes at the Facilities Office between Bowman Gym and Hilltop.  There is no fee for Visitor Parking Passes.

Note: Department Chairs should always obtain Visitor Parking Passes for their Guest Speakers.


Please refer to the Nyack Guidelines and Policies at https://www.permitsales.net/NyackCollege to learn what to do with tickets and how to appeal.