Undergraduate Housing (New Students) - Alliance University


We trust that you are anticipating your college experience with much enthusiasm.  Some of life’s most exciting experiences lie just ahead.  The following is important information you need to know as a new Nyack College residential student:


Please follow the steps below before proceeding to the application.

  1. You may fill out your Housing Application and submit your Room Retainer Fee on this page. Your Application will be considered once we receive these items.
    • The $250 Room Retainer Fee will place a room on hold and is credited to your account with the college.
  2. Decide on your roommates.
    • All units will have a total of 6 people residing in a unit. If you do not have 5 other roommates, we will place more roommates in your unit with consideration to your roommate preferences. Please answer the roommate preferences as honestly as possible. If there is a room with less than the capacity as time goes on, Nyack College reserves the right to switch your room or add students to your room at any point in the semester.
    • Requested roommates who are not cleared: Each student has the option to request roommates on their housing application. If the requested roommates have not applied or are not cleared, the Housing office will hold their place until July 1, at which time the college may place other students in the room.
  3. Read the Room Selection Considerations below and agree to the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to the New Student Housing Application.

All applications will be accepted until the beginning of the Add/Drop Period for Fall 2022, Wednesday, September 7, 2022. You will have until the end of the Add/Drop period, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, to get financially cleared and have all appropriate paperwork submitted.



Once we place you in a room with your roommates, you will receive an email with your room and roommates’ information on it. We need to receive your Housing Application and Room Reservation Fee before we can process your request. We will begin housing new students on May 15 and continue through the summer. We will do our best to match you with roommates that have similar preferences. However, it is always best to list a roommate preference you may have in mind and have your preferred roommate list you on their application as well. Each room will have six occupants. If your room falls below six people, students may be relocated by the Housing office to another room to fulfill the maximum capacity.


New students should plan to arrive on campus the Sunday before Labor Day.