We trust that you are anticipating your college experience with much enthusiasm. Some of life’s most stretching experiences lie just ahead. In the Auxiliary Services Department, we are committed to serving the Nyack College community and beyond in a variety of ways. The following is important information you need to know as a new Nyack College residential student:

FALL 2019 SEMESTER ROOM AND BOARD CHARGES                                  

Christie Hall & Moseley Single Room $5,500.00
Simpson Hall Double, Private Bath Room $5,500.00
Christie Hall, Simpson Hall & Moseley Hall Standard Room $5,000.00

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In an effort to keep our incoming community together there will be designated incoming freshmen floors in Christie and Simpson Hall.

Once we place you in a room with a roommate, you will receive an email with your room and roommate information on it. We need to receive both your Housing Application and Room Reservation Fee before we can process your request. We will begin housing new students in mid-June and continue throughout the summer. We will always do our best to match you with someone with similar preferences. However, it is always best to list a roommate preference you may have in mind and have your preferred roommate list you as well on their application.


Information regarding when you should arrive can be found at the Nyack Launch Orientation page (coming soon).


Card-operated washing and drying machines are available in the basements of all the Residence Halls. Students will be given a Hercules laundry card during Freshman orientation. Students can fill their cards using either the credit card refill machines located in the laundry rooms, or the cash refill machine located in the Boon Center Lobby.

Additional Information

What to Bring

You’re probably wondering what in the world you are supposed to bring! Though Nyack provides a bed, dresser, desk and closet/wardrobe, you need a lot more to make it as a freshman. The following is a list of basic supplies:

Bedding (blanket, pillow, XL twin sheets)
Reading/floor lamp (non-halogen)
Shower Caddy
Mini vacuum cleaner
Mug, bowl, dishes, flatware
Dishtowel and detergent
If you want to spice things up a bit, try the following as suggested by a current Nyack student!
w/ B/G wireless capabilities
(Note: “A protocol” is not supported)
Printer with extra ink
TV/VCR/DVD player
Small personal fan
Room decorations
Book bag/backpack
Small refrigerator
(no larger than 3.6 cubic feet)
Power strip (Extension cords without surge protection are not allowed)
Coffee maker
Bed risers
First Aid Kit

What is not allowed in the Dorms…

  • Any outside furniture including couches, lazy boys, lounge furniture, bookshelves etc. are not permitted in any residence on campus.
  • Tacks, tape, and nails cannot be used on the walls. Only sticky tack is permitted.
  • Lofts are not permitted, except for rooms previously designated by our office. Beds may not be mounted or elevated on top of any furniture or cinder blocks. Purchased bed risers are permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to have pets of any description in the residence hall except fish in well-maintained fish tanks with filters. No water turtles are permitted.
  • Musical instruments and amplifiers, which cause excessive noise or distraction, are not permitted in the residence halls. Examples include: guitars or keyboards with amplifiers, stereos/televisions connected to amplifiers with high wattage. Drum sets are prohibited in College Housing.
  • Drapes, curtains or any kind of window treatments are not permitted.

For other suggestions, trying the following websites:

Fire Safety Regulations for the Residence Halls

General Fire Safety: Each residence hall has several fire safety devises, measures and precautions set forth to ensure the optimal safety of each student resident.  Fire safety regulations are in compliance with the New York State Fire Code.

Fire Extinguishers: Each residence hall has fire extinguishers on each floor, some hall have several per floor depending on the size of the floor.  Fire extinguishers should only be used in the event of an emergency, and should never be tampered with, obstructed or moved.

Heat/Smoke Detectors: Resident hall rooms are equipped with either a smoke or heat detector as required by NY State Fire Code.  If one of these detectors is beeping, notify an RA immediately.  Do not take the battery out of a detector at any time.  Do not cover or obstruct detectors.  Do not hang things on or near the detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Each floor of each residence hall is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.  These detectors should never be moved, obstructed, unplugged or have the battery removed.  If a carbon monoxide detector is beeping, notify an RA immediately.

Fire Drills: Each residence hall will conduct several random fire drills throughout each school year.  When the fire alarm sounds in any building, immediately exit that building through the safest and most direct route.  Do not at any time assume fire alarms are false alarms.

Some Items Not to Bring: Candles/Incense, Halogen Lamps, Microwave Ovens/Toasters/Toaster Ovens/George Forman-type Grills, Fireworks, Extension Cords, Multi-plug adapters

Miscellaneous Fire Safety Related Items: The New York State Fire Inspector conducts random checks of the College, including dorm rooms.  In addition to the items listed above, some of the items he will be looking to address are listed below:

  • Do not prop open hallway or stairwell doors
  • Do not cover smoke detectors or emergency lighting
  • Do not hang or paint sprinkler system heads or pipes
  • Do not block or restrict passage in hallway, stairwell or doorway