LIB101: Information Literacy

Arts & Sciences

ARH101: AIT: Intro To The Visual Arts
ARH101: Intro To The Visual Arts
BIO105: AIT: Biology Lab Workshop
BIO112: AIT: Ecology
BIO115: AIT: Principles of Nutrition
COM212: Mass Media and Society
ENG101: AIT: College Writing I
ENG102: College Writing II
ENG201: AIT: Global Literature I
HIS113: AIT: World Civilization I
HIS113: World Civilization I
HIS114: AIT: World Civilization II
HIS114: World Civilization II
HIS225: AIT: American Business History
HIS331: Latin American History
MAT101: AIT: College Mathematics
MAT101: College Mathematics
MAT110: AIT: College Algebra
MAT110: College Algebra
PHI101: AIT: Introduction to Philosophy
POL215: American Government
PSY101: AIT: General Psychology
PSY101: General Psychology
PSY244: AIT: Human Growth and Development
PSY253: Integration of Psychology and Theology: A Survey
PSY342: AIT: Abnormal Psychology
PSY349: Family Counseling
PSY444: AIT: Psychotherapy and Clinical Intervention
SOC101: AIT: Introduction to Sociology
SOC347: AIT: Contemporary American Society

Bible & Christian Ministry

BIB102: AIT: Old Testament Literature
BIB201: AIT: New Testament Literature
BIB303: Christian Thought
BIB323: Post-Exilic Minor Prophets: Amos
BIB335: Prison Epistles: Philippians
BIB401: Christian Worldview
REL314: AIT: World Religions
THE302: Systematic Theology II

Business & Leadership

BUS312: Accounting with Computers
BUS341: Management Information Systems *
BUS344: Human Resources Management
CSC311: Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC341: Management Information Systems *


EDU 246: Foundations of Education
EDU 258: Development and Learning Theory
EDU 259:  Teaching and Learning Strategies
EDU 353:  Exceptional Child
EDU 441:  Christian Teacher
EDU 445:  Education a Diverse Society


MUS115: Music Appreciation
MUS213: Western Music to 1700
MUS234: Vocal Literature
MUS318: Gospel Music History