Tornado Watch:  The probability is dangerously high for a tornado to develop.  The National Weather Service specifies the time period in which the watch is in effect.

Tornado Warning:  An actual tornado has been seen or has been shown by radar.  If a tornado warning is given for your area, take shelter immediately.


1. Remain calm. This will help you to think clearly.

2. Relay the warning to others in the area and people that you are near or responsible to notify.

3. Go to an inside hallway or interior small room on the lowest floor possible (basement). Crouch near the floor or under heavy, well-supported objects and cover your head.

4. Stay away from windows, corridors with windows, or large freestanding expanses. Do not use elevators during a tornado warning.

5. Report any emergency to Public Safety at x7191 (from cell phone: 845.222.8812) on the Rockland Campus, or x6198 on the Manhattan Campus. If life threatening, dial 911.

6. Emergency Response Coordinators will monitor TV, radio, and local information for flood watch and warning advisory statement information.


During severe weather, the Vice President and Treasurer in conjunction with the Executive Vice President may make the decision to close the campus, move certain offices or move people to shelter areas. Notifications will be made through the Telephone Contact System. A message will also be posted on the Emergency Announcement line.


1. Help injured or trapped persons. Do not try to move the seriously injured unless they are in immediate danger.

2. Avoid all downed power lines. Assume that all have live electricity.

3. Stay out of damaged buildings.

4. Use telephone only for emergency calls.