Candidates who successfully complete Nyack College’s initial certification and additional certification programs meet the requirements for NYS certification. Candidates are required to meet those program requirements which include but not are not limited to field experience, student teaching or internship and certification exams in order to be Institutionally Recommended for NYS Certification. here

Candidates interested in pursuing certification in another state may access the Education Commission of the States profiles for Teacher License Reciprocity  here “Teacher license reciprocity allows candidates who hold an out-of-state license to earn a license in a receiving state, subject to meeting state-specific requirements. Reciprocity agreements allow states to work through variations in licensing systems to coordinate license transfers and fill vacant teaching positions with qualified candidates. Most states have policies in place to improve reciprocity for certain teachers, but few states provide full reciprocity for all fully licensed teachers”. Click here to view 50-State Comparisons on each data point.