Social Work Alumni are invited to partake in these courses that are offered to help grow and care for professional development of our alumni community. Dr. Anderson Yoon, who has recently joined the Social Work team has tremendous experience in the field. The School of Social Work offers these opportunities that are open to our alumni, we are committed to help you develop in your area of expertise.


Dr. Anderson Yoon, DSW, LCSW-R, CASAC, RPT-S, ACT. Dr. Yoon, assistant professor of Social Work at Nyack College, has 20 years of experience in clinical social work and psychotherapy. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R), Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist and Diplomate (Academy of Cognitive Therapy), and Registered Play Therapist –Supervisor (RPT-S).


Course: Play Therapy

Play therapy (SWK770NLS) helps children deal with complicated/complex feelings and uses play to help them express at their own level, problem solve their conflicts and regain their self-worth and a more positive sense of control.

This course will introduce and discuss the philosophies and theories that underlie play therapy and use training and practice to learn the therapeutic powers of play therapy and both directive and non-directive play therapy skills.

Cost: $100

Date & Time: September 9, 2020-October 11, 2020 (Every Tuesday, 6:15 pm-8:15 pm via Zoom)


Course: Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care (SWK770NLSB) is a promising model for more positive organizational changes in health, behavioral, and other human services settings that emphasize responding to the effects of trauma and promote more resilience in staff and patients. The key principles of this approach include organizational safety, trustworthiness, transparency, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, and empowerment that occurs among and between staff and patients. This course will help participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to promote trauma-informed care and more successful approaches in working with traumatized clients. Cost: $100

Date & Time: October 12, 2020-November 12, 2020 (Every Tuesday, 6:15 pm-8:15 pm via Zoom)


Course: Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy

Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy (TBCT)(SWK770NLSC) is a case formulation, evidence-based approach the foundation of which is Beck’s cognitive therapy. However, it offers a unique approach to conceptualization and techniques that makes it a distinct intervention when restructuring cognitions. TBCT is effective in modifying automatic thoughts and core beliefs and is presented as a law-centered analogy in which the therapist engages the client in a simulation of the judicial process. This course will help participants learn the core tenets and clinical skills underlying TBCT by utilizing both training and practice in an empirically supported and very innovative model of CBT and evangelical Christian faith.

Cost: $100

Date & Time: November 13, 2020-December 22, 2020 (Every Tuesday, 6:15 pm-8:15 pm via Zoom)


Professional CEU Credit Hours for all courses: 10 CEU hours/Credit for social workers, mental health counselors, creative art therapists, psychologists, marriage and family counselors, and psychoanalysts (Fee: $ 50).The Play Therapy course will provide additional 10 CEU hours that can be used for the certificate from the Association for Play Therapy (APT). Participants can use it toward RPT or RPT-S initial certification or renewal (Fee: $0).