CRM Simplicity

Online Employment & Internship System

The online job system allows students to:

Search and apply for jobs on-line
Search local non-professional and temporary positions
Upload resumes and cover letters
Receive information about events

Job Search Tips:

  • View the job bulletin boards:
    • NYC campus – 2nd floor
  • Ask around for on-campus positions (not all departments post on Career Connections)
  • Network
  • Volunteer
  • Perfect your resume and cover letter
  • Look for jobs that have relevant responsibilities and transferable skills

Student Employment Policy

The Nyack College Career Counseling and Services office maintains this web site as a service to Nyack College Students and Alumni for their career development and employment seeking efforts. The presence of job announcements on this web site does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from Nyack College or the Office of Career Counseling and Services at Nyack College. Students are responsible for all necessary precautions when interviewing for, or accepting these positions, and students are responsible for checking the credentials and integrity of an employer. The Nyack College Career Counseling and Services department does not accept any liability or responsibility for the actions of any student who is hired into a position that has been listed by our office. Employers are responsible for all screening, reference checks and hiring of any student referrals to jobs, and for following any appropriate labor and employment law in their hiring and employment practices.

This web site also contains links to other web sites, in the Resources section, that are not under the control of the Nyack College Career Counseling and Services office, and we are not responsible for the contents of any linked site. The Nyack College Career Counseling and Services office provides these links only as a convenience and assumes no liability for acts or omissions by third parties or for material supplied by them.

Students or employers who discover any misuse or abuse of this web site are encouraged to report the matter to the Nyack College Career Counseling and Services Office as soon as possible. For further information, please contact the Nyack College Career Counseling and Services office at or call 646-378-3970.

How to file an employer complaint

If you have a complaint against an employer please email or call our office at 646-378-6179.  We take complaints against employers or students very seriously, and only post jobs for employers and refer students to jobs who follow our policies and common standards of professional conduct.

If you interview or go to a job where the actual position, pay or requirements are substantially different than what we have listed on our web site, bulletin board or through email, please contact our office so that we may contact the employer and correct this information. You may always choose not to accept a position which is substantially different than described.