Welcome to our Student Engagement Page! The Student Engagement Department at Nyack College is here to help provide an environment where our students can gather together and enjoy themselves as well as have a voice within our institution. Most importantly, we want our students to know they have a place where they belong and can grow in community.

The Student Engagement Department is composed of two student-leadership teams: Student Activities (SA) and Student Government Association (SGA). Both teams’ goal is to help cultivate a strong community here at Nyack College! The SA team provides a variety of events for students to participate in and create community. The SGA team’s focus is on being the student body’s voice and advocating on behalf of the student body.

Student Engagement Coordinator: Micayla Brodish

I personally would like to make your experience at Nyack College one which will bring community and transformation. If you are looking for ways to get involved, send me an email or come stop by my office! I would be happy to help you get plugged in.

Coordinator Email: micayla.brodish@nyack.edu
Student Engagement Email: studentengagement@nyack.edu

Here at Nyack, we are dedicated to giving our Students opportunities in leadership that will best equip and prepare them to be leaders in our world and for the works of God. Through acts of service and guidance from our staff, we work to better our students and help them step into the leadership God has called them into. For Student Activities, we are able to create environments for fellowship and community through student envisioned and produced events. Students also receive scholarship when hired to be in these roles.

Student Engagement Intern: Tara Jean-Charles

Student Government Association (SGA)

Meet the Student Government Association Team Members for 2020-2021! This is the team of students that work hard to ensure the student body is heard and represented. They have a deep love for this school and this student body and would love to meet you! Feel free to introduce yourself.

SGA Cabinet Members: Seong Min (Elidia) Nam and Joshua Romain

Student Activities (SA) Team 

Meet the Student Activities team for 2020-2021! This is the team of staff and students that work hard to ensure that the various events run smoothly. They have a deep love for this school and this student body and would love to meet you.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations are a big part of our community. Here at Nyack College, we encourage students to seize every opportunity they have while attending. Clubs and Organizations are a great way to develop community with their classmates while working towards a common goal.

ALL clubs, regardless of activity the previous year, must register to be an active club for the 2020-2021 academic year. Below are important documents related to registering a club.

Clubs and Organizations Handbook 2020-2021

Club Registration Form 2020-2021

Club Event Form 2020-2021