Wanda Velez

Nyack College
Dean of Students

B.A. Nyack College; English
M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary

Biographical Introduction

Wanda Velez has been employed by Nyack College since 2001, beginning her time as the Director of Alumni Relations and then transitioning in 2003 to work for Student Development.  With the positions Wanda has held, her role at Nyack has ranged from fundraising, community engagement, and leadership development to crisis intervention, mentorship, and spiritual formation.  As the Associate Dean of Students, her present role which began in 2010, Wanda leads Student Development– a branch of the college responsible for overseeing all aspects of a student’s life.

Wanda received her B.A. in English Studies from Nyack College after which she then received her Master of Professional Studies from Nyack’s Graduate Program.  Prior to her employment at Nyack College, Wanda has gained experience working as a youth director, a staff developer, a trainer in the C.I.T. program for the Salvation Army Greater New York Youth Division, and as a mentor in the Metro Women’s EMPOWER Program.

Yahveh Calderon

Student Activities Coordinator

Yahveh N. Calderon began working as the Student Activities Coordinator the Fall Semester of 2017. In this position he oversees clubs and organizations as well as coordinates the activities for students on campus. Yahveh graduated from Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut with a General Studies Certificate Degree in 2014. He then came to Nyack and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Pastoral Ministry the Spring of 2017. He is currently pursuing an M.Div. in Theology and Missions of Church Development at ATS. Yahveh continues to live a life of service before the Lord that started when he was a young boy in Puerto Rico. He continues this by bringing the love of Christ to all he encounters both in his current position as the Student Activities Coordinator and beyond it.

Description: http://www.nyack.edu/images/staff/01693.jpgLouis Sanchez

Director of Residence Life

Biographical Introduction

Louis Sanchez has been employed at Nyack College since 2009, when he was first hired as an Area Coordinator for Residence Life. While serving as an Area Coordinator Louis was simultaneously teaching as an adjunct professor in the areas of Academic Life Skills, Critical Thinking, and Introduction to Philosophy.  In 2011 Louis was hired as the Resident Director for the male undergraduate residence halls. In his role as a Resident Director, Louis has been intentional to learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the male students on the campus.  In 2016, Louis received the title change of Assistant Director of Residence Life, which is his current role.

During his time at Nyack, Louis has established programs designed to help the students mature, be held accountable and become successful students.  Working with other departments such as Career Services, Counseling Services, and Spiritual Formation, Louis offers a wide variety of programming for his residents.  Louis has also served as a Spiritual Director for one of our classes, a Pave Mentor, and can often be seen walking around interacting with our students along with his beautiful wife and daughter!

Louis received his B.A. in Philosophy from Nyack College, which included a semester of study at Oxford University.  He also earned his Master’s in Philosophy and Education from Teachers College, at Columbia University.

Description: http://www.nyack.edu/images/staff/01593.jpgHeather Butcher

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Biographical Introduction

Heather Butcher has been working at Nyack College since 2011 when she was first hired as the Resident Director for Christie Hall. Prior to joining the residence life staff at Nyack, she served as a missionary for over 10 years with a ministry that focuses on bringing the gospel to youth and families in NYC. She has a passion for discipling and mentoring young women on their journey of spiritual growth and development. Heather also worked for three years in the substance abuse field and has obtained her CASAC-T.

While serving at Nyack, Heather has been a PAVE mentor.  Since its inception in the Spring of 2012 Heather has seen the value and the effect that the PAVE program has had on our students and plans to continue to support the program. This past spring Heathers support of the Cross Country Team and in general our athletic department was recognized as Heather was awarded the SUPER FAN AWARD. This is an award given to a member of community who goes above and beyond to show their support for the athletic program and our athletes. In the dormitory, Heather has worked hard to create a culture of community amongst the residents in Christie Hall, through her hands-on leadership style as well as events such as “PJs and Girl Talk”.

Heather received her B.S in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry and Sociology. She recently completed the first year of the Metro Women’s EMPOWER Program.

Maggie Labocki, MA, LMHC

Director of Counseling Services

Maggie Labocki has been on staff at Nyack College since March 2010. She currently serves as Director of Counseling Services at the Rockland Campus.  Maggie along with the Counseling Services Department shares a common desire to see our students thrive in their emotional well-being.

While working at Nyack College, Maggie has served on the Student of Concern Committee, New Students Orientation Team, Health Fairs, Internship Fairs for both Rockland and NYC campuses, and has been a speaker for graduate class in Domestic Violence.

Maggie earned her BA in Psychology at Kean University, 5/2001 and her MA in Counseling at Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, 5/2004. She became NY State Mental Health Licensed, 7/2010. Maggie also holds the designations of Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor from the National Board of Certified Counselors, 11/2014.

Maggie enjoys being a wife and mom to Jason and Gabby and Josh.  They are involved in serving the local church from being part of the worship team to children ministry.

Description: http://www.nyack.edu/images/staff/01093.jpgWanda Walborn

Director of Spiritual Formation – Student Development

Wanda Walborn has been employed by Nyack College since 2000, beginning her time at Nyack working as the Resident Director of Satellite Housing and then transitioning in 2003 to become the Director of Spiritual Formation.  With the positions Wanda has held, her role at Nyack has ranged from community engagement and leadership development to preaching, pastoral counseling and mentorship.  As the Director of Spiritual Formation, Wanda oversees all chapel and worship ministries, small groups, Freedom Prayer, PAVE mentoring program and several seminary interns. Prior to her employment at Nyack College, Wanda was a church planter with her husband, a stay-at-home mother for their four children and a reading curriculum developer for the Connecticut public school system. Training, equipping and releasing strong leaders to advance the kingdom of God is her passion.

During her time at Nyack, Wanda has been instrumental in changing the spiritual ethos of Nyack by creating the Introduction to Spiritual Formation class curriculum which all new incoming students take their first semester on campus.  Coordinating class topics with chapel speaker topics affords students the opportunity to hear and respond to the voice of God in their lives.  Wanda is an adjunct professor in the Pastoral Ministries department and team-teaches with her husband at Alliance Theological Seminary.  Wanda also coordinated a team of women for the Metropolitan District of the CMA to create the Empower Certificate Program for women.  She is a conference and retreat speaker for multiple age groups and has invested in many students’ lives in the last 15 years on campus.

Wanda received her B.S. in Education from Nyack College, a M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Alliance Theological Seminary and has recently completed her Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Description: http://www.nyack.edu/images/staff/01139.jpgHeather Garcia

Administrative Assistant – Spiritual Formation

Heather Garcia has been employed by Nyack College since 2002, beginning her time at Nyack working as the Director of Database Operations and then transitioned in 2009 to working as the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Spiritual Formation.  With the positions Heather has held, her role at Nyack has ranged from database operations and fundraising to administrative duties, prayer, mentorship, and spiritual formation.  As the Administrative Assistant, Heather oversees chapel attendance and daily office needs as well as coordinating the workflow and communication for ministries provided by the Office of Spiritual Formation.

During her time at Nyack, Heather has been instrumental in combining the Nyack and ATS databases into one, streamlined database; re-starting the President’s Council; and assisting in giving students opportunities for life transformation through spiritual formation.   Going above and beyond her title, Heather invests in the lives of students via the campus mentor team and as a spiritual director for the Personal Spiritual Formation class offered every Spring semester.

Heather earned her B.S in Organizational Management from Nyack College where she has also taken several Pastoral Ministries courses.  Heather has gained experience serving on the leadership team and as a mentor in the Metro Women’s EMPOWER Program.  She is accredited through the Christian and Missionary Alliance and is also a certified trainer/facilitator for both the Leading from Your Strengths assessment and the Strengths Deployment Inventory.