An essential part of Spiritual Formation on campus comes through student-led small groups.  Each semester there are ten to twelve small groups that vary in size from eight to forty students, which meet on different nights of the week.

While each group meeting consists of sharing, encouragement and prayer, the content of their Bible study can vary from using media, to focusing on specific books, or discussing relevant hot button issues for Christians. An asset to these small groups is that an overseer mentors the leaders.

Attendance is optional, but chapel credit can be earned by attending a small group.

For more information on small groups, click here.  You can also check the Spiritual Formation bulletin board on the first floor of Boon Student Center!

Dorcas Liu, a follower of Jesus for 11+ years.  After college study in Beijing Forestry University, China in 2010, she first worked for a Ugandan pastor in Shenzhen as a translator, then for World Vision China as associate project officer in Jiangxi and Guangdong province, then for a consultancy company on corporate social responsibility in Beijing.  In 2012, she had a dream to come to the U.S. for seminary study, but after calculating the tuition, she could only kept the dream in her heart. However, starting from Oct. 2016 until Aug. 2017, God performed many miracles and used 70 people, believers and non-believers,  to provide for all her needs for the first year in the U.S. Now at ATS for M.Div. study, she’s been experiencing life transformation and the faithfulness of God. After graduation in 2020, she will go back to mainland China for missions to bring the Kingdom of God there.  If you wish to speak with Dorcas about being a small group leader, you can contact her at