Vulnerable Populations

  • Employees may self-identify as vulnerable or high-risk and can confidentially request permission in writing from Human Resources to continue working remotely for a designated period of time. According to the CDC, individuals with certain conditions may have a higher risk for COVID-19 infection. Those conditions may include:
    • People aged 65 years and older
    • Moderate-to-severe asthma
    • Chronic lung disease
    • Diabetes
    • Serious heart conditions
    • Chronic kidney disease being treated with dialysis
    • Severe obesity
    • Being immunocompromised
    • Liver disease
  • Reasonable accommodations will be made on an individual basis. Accommodations may include remote working arrangements for faculty and staff.

Testing Responsibility

Testing Frequency and Protocol

  • Symptomatic faculty and staff will self-report via the daily questionnaire, not come to campus and be referred for testing as appropriate. Follow-up is required prior to access to campus facilities other than campus quarantine/isolation residential facilities.


  • The Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator will be responsible for notifying state and local health departments if an employee tests positive and will also be the Contact Tracing Liaison with NYC DOH.


  • Faculty and staff, non-residential students and preapproved essential visitors will not be allowed on campus if they have received a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. If they are on campus when the diagnosis becomes known, they will be instructed to leave campus, return home and begin isolation. Individuals will be instructed to follow up with their healthcare provider. The College will enforce a strict Stay at Home Policy for all faculty and staff. All positive cases will remain confidential to protect the identity of the individual(s) who tests positive.

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