Communication on Containment

  • Per NYS, the College has an established communication plan with a consistent means to provide updated information and will provide frequent updates from leadership to students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners using multiple communication modalities (social media, email, website, open letters).
  • The College developed a COVID-19 health promotion and communications effort that includes a dedicated website, physical and digital signage and regular campus notification, all designed to encourage healthy behavior and support proactive prevention and transmission of the virus.
  • Signage is posted throughout campus outlining risk-minimizing behavior for students, faculty and staff including:
    • Hand washing and surface sanitizing procedures
    • Safe social distancing practices
    • Mask safety protocols
  • Students, faculty and staff also will all commit to a COVID-19 safety Code of Conduct.

Communication on Shutdown

  • The College is creating a process for determining when proactive communications are needed by category, identifies appropriate channels based on audience and message, content owners and the best process for quickly shifting and updating information.
  • Depending on the content to be communicated, the author of the communication may vary such as follows:
    • Broad policy changes or academic delivery changes will generally be communicated by the President.
    • Changes in specific academic policies will come from the Provost.
    • Clarification on details and process implementation for policy adjustments will be communicated by the Registrar’s office.
    • Changes in residence life or housing will come from Student Development.
    • Changes in work location will come from Human Resources.
    • Changes in athletics will come from the Athletic department.
  • If and when updated information needs to be provided, the College will use a variety of communication modalities including email, digital signage, physical signs and
  • All communications will be included on the COVID-19 website.

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