What is community learning?

A cluster of students (10 to 25) begin, experience, and complete an academic degree together, thus forming a learning community.

What are the advantages of community learning?

  • Online learning can be lonely and frustrating without classmates who are experiencing the same journey.
  • Community-based learning promotes a supportive and socially interactive learning environment to facilitate the building of meaningful and long-lasting relationships, and to empower students to stay the course through graduation.
  • There is a primary instructor who acts as the group’s advisor, mentor, and lead professor.

How frequently do online degrees start?

Online degrees launch every four months.

What if I need to take a temporary leave of absence?

Because Nyack’s online programs are launching every four months, if a student needs to take a temporary leave, s/he can get back on course with a later group.

What is the duration of each online degree?

The duration is 16 to 32 months, depending on the program.

How long is each course?

Classes are generally 5 to 6 weeks in length, but can last as long as 15 weeks.  Classes are normally taken one at a time and are prescribed in order to keep students on track to finish the program.

Is there an on-campus residency requirement?

Most of the online degrees do not have an on-campus residency requirement.

Are there any online synchronous (real time) class meetings?

Certain programs require a few synchronous class meeting times. Some degrees offer optional online synchronous sessions to provide a time to connect with faculty and peers, ask questions, or explore course material in a deeper way.