All full-time Freshmen and Sophomore students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus unless living at home with a parent or guardian. This policy offers students the opportunity to get the best possible academic start while developing social contacts and becoming more involved with college life. Community standards that are in place for residential students are also expected of off-campus students. Students who have been sanctioned at a level 2 probation or higher are not eligible to apply to live off campus during and within 6 months completion of the probationary period.
Freshmen & Sophomore under 21 Exceptions & Verifications
  • I am living with a parent/relative/guardian. You must provide a signed letter that includes a statement of permission as well as daytime and evening phone numbers from your parent or guardian (A letter from a relative who is not a parent or guardian is not acceptable).
  • I have lived in an off-campus apartment for a minimum of 8 months and must remain off-campus to honor the lease. A copy of a signed lease agreement and parent letter giving permission must be submitted with this form. Freshman & Sophomores under 21 who move to off-campus apartments at the end of the Spring Semester are not eligible for this exemption.
  • I am now married. You must provide a copy of the marriage certificate.
  • I have a severe medical problem. Medical excuses will only be accepted after all reasonable measures to accommodate the student in the Residence Hall have been exhausted. You must provide a detailed statement from your primary physician stating specific reasons why you cannot reside in a residence hall and estimated duration of this medical problem. Statement must be on doctor’s letterhead, signed and dated. Your doctor may need to be contacted by Health Services for clarification purposes.
Terms & Conditions
Moving off campus is only allowed during summer and winter breaks. If you decide to move off campus during the fall and spring semester, you will be responsible for full semester room and board charges that will be applied to your account. No prorated refunds will be processed during fall or spring semesters. Students who have signed up to be a resident student and then decide to move off campus must fill out the off campus form, see their student financial aid counselor and be approved by Student Development by August 1st. All Full time students who have not submitted an off campus form by August 1st or have been denied off campus residency will be considered a resident and be financially responsible for semester room and board charges. For further explanation please visit the Terms and Conditions page here.

Off-Campus Form