Welcome Alumni of Nyack College!

Welcome to Nyack College’s Alumni website, serving over 32,000 alumni in over 80 nations worldwide!  No matter how long it’s been since you’ve graduated, or how far life’s taken you, we encourage you to stay connected to your alma mater!  Let us know what you’re doing, and consider how you can stay involved in the life of Nyack College, even from around the globe (see our list below of ways alumni can help Nyack College).

Both the Alumni Office and the Alumni Association are here to serve you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 845.675.4589 or alumni@nyack.edu.


Dwight Safer ‘93
President, Nyack College Alumni Association

Nyack College Alumni Association - Alliance University

Ways Alumni Can Help Nyack College

1 Make a yearly gift to the Student Support Fund.  Every gift, regardless of size, helps.
2 Encourage a prospective student to apply or visit campus.
(Contact the Alumni Office to ask about our Alumni Referral Grant!)
3 Hire Nyack students and graduates.
4 Support Nyack athletics.  Attend and cheer loudly at games!
5 Host a Nyack event in your area (student reception or alumni gathering).
6 Update us with your most recent contact information.
7 Act as an ambassador and share your love of Nyack.
8 Stay educated about Nyack and share what you know with others.
9 Keep in touch with fellow alumni.
10 Wear/display Nyack clothing/paraphernalia at home and at work.
11 Be sure your local church is well informed about Nyack. Offer to meet with Pastors/Youth Leaders, or ask us to send you materials to display at your church.
12 Share the success stories of your fellow alumni and help us recognize them by nominating them for Alumni of the Year Awards.
13 Pray for Nyack and our students.
14 Support or identify donors for the Miracle in Manhattan.
15 Write a letter of recommendation for a student applying to Nyack.
16 Attend and promote Nyack School of Music concerts.
17 Remember Nyack College in your will and estate plan.
18 Support the Phonathon and encourage student callers during the Phonathon.
19 Contact a former professor and say thanks for his/her teaching and mentoring.
20 Encourage friends and classmates to attend Homecoming and their class reunions.
21 Participate in your employer’s matching gift program.
(Check with your employer’s human resources department or search here.)
22 Become a fan of Nyack College on Facebook or follow Nyack College on Twitter.
23 Volunteer to help plan your class reunion.
24 Enroll in one of Nyack’s graduate programs.
25 Join the Nyack College Mentor Program.