Music Scholarships - Alliance University
Prof. Willana Mack singing on a school tour at a girls school in Korea

Music Scholarships are for full-time eligible students attending Nyack College at the NYC Campus.  Students will be considered for a music scholarship at the time of their audition.  Please refer to the Nyack College Catalog for more information concerning eligibility for and maintenance of Nyack College Grants.

To be eligible for music scholarship consideration, you must perform before the faculty in your chosen field in person or online via recorded video, to give us an idea of your musicianship and to help us with placement.  See our Audition Page for details.

Ensemble Participation Award: For those accepted to Nyack College and are eligible for participation in Nyack College Ensembles, a $1000 per year Ensemble Participation Award will be granted.

Music Achievement Grant: Merit awards in the form of grants may be awarded to students in the amount of $2,000 – $10,000 per year and are maintained by following the requirements established by the School of Music.

The first step in the audition process is submitting the Music Questionnaire.

Application must be made to the college prior to auditioning for a scholarship.

Please refer to the Audition Information.

To schedule an audition or visit, please call or write to us:

Ms. Kristie Vaval
2 Washington St., 22nd Floor
New York, New York 10004
(646) 378-6188 | (646) 378-6138

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