The Bachelor of Music in Composition offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree while honing their skills in music writing. As in the case of every major, Composition has a strong Biblical, academic, and theoretical foundation. The Bachelor of Music degree represents the highest standards of professional studies, including the history, theory, pedagogy and practice of many genres of music.

Why Study Composition at Nyack?

  • Students who study Composition will have access to some of the finest venues and artists in the world, including current faculty.
  • Students will enjoy a valuable academic program which will give them versatility and opportunity in their future graduate program or career choices.
  • Students will be nurtured in a Christian atmosphere in which they will find encouragement on their way to fulfillment.
  • Students will have an opportunity to explore and perform many types of music and to study with top scholars within the context of a State-accredited private institution.
  • Students will be inspired by the commissioned works of a world-famous Artist-in-Residence in Composition, Dr. Victoria Bond.
  • Students will make lifelong friends and important interconnections in the world of music in general and composition in particular.

At a Glance

Credits: 120 Standard
Completion Time: 4 years
Accreditation: New York State Board of Regents, Middle States Commission on Higher Education, National Association of Schools of Music

[u_testimonial scroll=”1″][u_testimonial_item name=”J.G.” title=”Class of 2014″ avatar=”138111″]“I spent four years on the beautiful Nyack Rockland campus and formed some of my closest friendships there… the overall program was small enough for me to receive the attention I needed from a highly skilled faculty. I also had access to professional music performances in both Manhattan and Nyack.” [/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”S.A.” title=”Class of 2016″ avatar=”138111″]“Nyack’s School of Music provides a strong foundation in education as well as an intelligent and accessible understanding of theory and form. The music professors are always willing to share their passion and guidance. They care deeply for their students.”[/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”A.K.” title=”Class of 2014″ avatar=”138111″]”At age 28, I decided to further my education at Nyack’s School of Music. The faculty combines a personal interest in each student and a stringent curriculum allowing me to grow. They are great human beings and wonderful professors. This school keeps the student first! They were very supportive and helped me by encouraging me to learn, be my best, and work hard and put a lot of time and effort into assisting me with study and my life. Nyack is more than a school; it is a Christian family, a family that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I really believe it is a privilege to come to this school and I am so glad I made that decision.”[/u_testimonial_item][/u_testimonial]

What Will I Study as a Composition Major?

As a Composition Major, you will learn to write for voice, instruments, and keyboard. Together with your Nyack Core Curriculum, you will also study the history, methods, and practice of Composition, including:

  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Conducting
  • Arranging
  • Songwriting
  • Composition
  • Private lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Recorder, or another instrument
  • Music Technology
  • Music Ensembles

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to do a Senior Recital of your own compositions, of approximately one hour in length

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a BM Degree in Composition may have careers as arrangers, composers, conductors, or solo/ensemble artists, depending upon their major instrument. Graduates with the BM in Composition Degree may be able to continue into graduate school.

Our Graduates

Our graduates have shown the value of a versatile and creative Music program and continue to make us proud. Our composition majors are strong performers in their own right and we encourage them to stretch their boundaries and self-expectancy in their own field. Our Composition Graduates are working in the following fields and many more, some having continued for advanced degrees in Composition:

  • Private Music Teacher
  • Choir and Chamber Music Composer
  • Church Music Director and Composer
  • College Professor
  • Graduate Student
  • General Music Classroom Teacher