Master of Science in Childhood Education (Initial Certification) *NY State Residents Only - Alliance University


The Graduate Division of the School of Education is committed to prepare candidates with practiced, research-based methodology that is character based, integrating the historical evangelical Christian tradition of the college, so they are ready to enter the inclusive classroom. To fulfill these values, the unit is committed to the preparation of professional educators who are capable of working effectively with diverse populations in a constantly changing global community.

Coursework Prerequisites:

1. Proof of sufficient Liberal Arts/Sciences background through one of the following options:

  • BA/BS in English, Foreign Language, History, Mathematics, Social Studies, or one of the sciences
  • 30 credit hours at a grade of C or better in one of the above listed fields
  • 30 credit hours at a grade of C or better in the liberal arts and sciences, which must include coursework as follows:
  1. 9 credits in Artistic Expression, Humanities, Communication, Written Expression, Information Retrieval
  2. 6 credits or more of Historical & Social Science Concepts
  3. 6 credits or more of Scientific Processes
  4. 6 credits or more of Mathematical Processes

2. 6 credits of a language other than English (or the college level equivalent)

3. An introductory course in Psychology

4. Evidence of computer literacy

At a Glance

Award: Master of Science
Certification: Initial
Credits: 45
School Accreditation: CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation)

Career Path: This program is for persons preparing to become teachers for the first time and who are seeking initial NYS certification to teach general education grades 1-6.

Start Semester: Fall or Spring

Campus Location: Online

Application Deadlines: 

Fall: August 1
Spring: December 1
Summer: April 1

Suggested Program Plan

EDG 532 Exceptional Child-3
EDG 732 Field for Exceptional-0
EDG 530 Inclusive Ed-3-
EDG 730 Field for Inclusive Ed-0
EDG 512 Character Education-3

EDG 511 Integrating Curric. Lit-3
EDG 565 Methods of Math-3
EDG 765 Field Methods Math-0
EDG 500 Educational Research-3
EDG 547 Health Issues-1

EDG 520 Development and Learning Theories-3
EDG 545 Literacy-3
EDG 745 Field for Literacy-0
EDG 652 Teaching ELLs and Bilingual-3

EDG 563 Methods of Social Studies-3
EDG 763 Field Social Studies-0
EDG 564 Methods of Science-3
EDG 764 Field Science-0
EDG 615 Practicum-3
EDG 675 Comprehensive Exam-0

EDG 590 Professional Seminar-2
EDG 594 Internship lower-3
EDG 595 Internship upper-3

Admissions Contact:      

Shelda Francois
MSEd Admissions Counselor
Nyack College
2 Washington Street
New York, NY, 10004
Cell: (929) 332 4352