Nyack/ATS library welcomes gifts of books or other materials to support the curriculum of the institution.

Financial contributions, including memorial gifts and endowments, can also be made to the libraries through the Advancement Office, Nyack College, 2 Washington Street, New York, NY 10004.

Please follow these instructions when delivering donations:

1.  Deliver the donation to the Information Commons Desk at the library.

2.  Complete the donation form at the time of delivery.

3.  Contact the Library Director before delivering a large donation or journals.

  • All donations received are subject to the approval of the Library Director.
  • Journal issues must have prior approval of the Library Director to verify the usefulness of the title.
  • The Library will not accept formats of materials we no longer collect, such as filmstrips, LP’s, VHS videos, etc.
  • All gifts are accepted with the understanding that, upon receipt, the library becomes the owner of the material and, as such, reserves the right to determine use or disposition.
  • Donated materials will be added to the collection provided that they fit into the collection development guidelines currently in effect.

Each donor will receive a Gift-in-Kind acknowledgment letter from the Advancement Office that can serve as a valid tax receipt.