Hurricane Watch:  Issued for coastal areas when there is a threat of a hurricane to a specific area, generally within 36 hours.

Hurricane Warning:  Issued when hurricane conditions are expected in a specific coastal area in 24 hours or less.  Hurricane conditions include sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour and/or dangerous high tides.

Category One:      73-95 mph                           Category Four:  131-155 mph
Category Two:     96-110 mph                          Category Five:   over 155 mph
Category Three:  111-130 mph


1. Plan in advance what you should do if a hurricane does occur.

2. Listen for information and instructions on radio television newscasts and check the Emergency Update and School Closing Line for updates and/or closings.

3. Keep a portable flashlight on hand—with fresh batteries.

4. Stay away from disaster areas.

5. Obey all emergency orders which are issued.

6. Obey all emergency orders from Public Safety and local authorities.

7. Be aware of road and bridge washouts and storm debris on walkways and roadways.

8. Avoid all downed power lines. Assume that all have live electricity.


The Vice President and Treasurer in conjunction with the Facilities personnel will make decisions regarding control and access to buildings/areas affected by hurricanes, and issuing or not issuing the “all clear” for safe building/area re-entry and continued occupancy.