Direct Deposit

Can I have my paycheck directly deposited?

It is recommended that all employees have their paychecks directly deposited into their bank account. This will ensure that payment is received on the check date regardless of whether school is in session or offices are closed.

Can I deposit my check into multiple bank accounts?

You are allowed up to two accounts that funds can be deposited in. When filling out the Direct Deposit form, please indicate the dollar amount that is to be deposited into each account.

I signed up for Direct Deposit, but I received a paper check. Why was my check not deposited into my bank account?

As part of processing, the payroll company sends a test pre-note to the employee’s bank, verifying the accuracy of the account information.  After a successful pre-note, the funds will be electronically deposited into the account with the following payroll.  For example, if an employee who is paid semimonthly on January 15th submits a Direct Deposit request form on January 4th, the transaction will pre-note on January 15th.  If the pre-note is successful, the funds will be directly deposited on the next payroll check date of January 30th.

Jury Duty

I was selected for Jury Duty. How will this affect my pay?

If you are an hourly employee, Nyack College will pay up to $40 per day for the first 3 days. You must provide proof of jury duty selection before we can process the payment.

Lost Paycheck

I have lost my check. Can I have the check reissued?

You must complete the Replacement of a Lost Check Form and submit to our office. Once received, we will verify that check is still outstanding and after 45 days of the check date, we will replace the check.

Hourly Employees

I just started working. How do I record my time?

blank timecard can be found by clicking the link. Please consult the payroll schedule to verify the current pay periods and due dates.

Campus Jobs

How can I find a job on campus?

Please visit Student Job Listings on our Career Services site.

International Students

What documentation does an International student need to provide in order to work on campus?

An International student must complete the Form I-9. It is also important to provide Human Resources with a copy of the student’s F-1 Visa document.


I am a student worker. Do I have to have payroll taxes withheld?

According to the IRS, as stated on the W-4 Form, you cannot claim exemption from tax withholding if your income exceeds $950 and includes more than $300 of unearned income (ex: interest and dividends) and/or if another person can claim you as a dependent on their tax return (ex: your parent or guardian). If you do not plan to make more than $950 and you are not being claimed by anyone else, you can fill in “Exempt” on line 7 of the Form W-4.

How do I complete the Form W-4?

The Office of Human Resources is not authorized to give tax advice; however we can provide you with a basic understanding of allowances. Those that claim zero allowances will have the most amount of taxes taken from their pay. If you claim one exemption, fewer taxes are taken and so on and so forth. If you are currently a dependent of someone else, it would be a good idea to consult the dependent when filling out this form.

I haven’t received a W-2. What do I do?

If you are a Paylocity registered user, login and navigate to Tax Forms within the Pay tile. If you need further assistance, please email

HR Office

Where is the Human Resource Office located?

Human Resources is located on the 17th floor of 2 Washington St.

Adjunct Pay

How can I tell what overload is being paid on my pay stub?

There is currently not a breakdown of payment listed on the pay stub for each adjunct class taught. If you are having trouble reviewing payment, please contact us for further clarification.


I don’t think my paycheck is correct. Who should I contact?

Please contact your supervisor if you disagree with the payment made. If the supervisor is unable to clarify, the supervisor will contact HR directly in order to resolve the issue.

Where will my paycheck be sent?

For hourly employees, paychecks are sent directly to your supervisor and can be picked up with the supervisor on the check date. If you work for multiple departments and are unsure of the paycheck location, please contact Kim Scales.
For semi-monthly and adjunct employees, paychecks are delivered thru campus mail to each department. Please check your mailbox for paycheck delivery.
Checks will not be mailed out to the address listed on the pay stub unless requested by the employee. Request can be sent Kim Scales.