March 2019 (Spring Break)

Teaching in a Cross-cultural Environment
Mrs. Carol Ann Freeman
Trip Cost: $2,100
Undergraduate Credit

Students will have the opportunity to observe models of education in Debrecen, Budapest, and Gyula and will be trained and involved in instruction in TESOL programs led by Nyack faculty and local instructors. Students will also gain an appreciation for Hungarian culture and cuisine and the opportunity to connect with host families and faith communities.


In the Footsteps of Paul

Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah and Mr. Ghiath Abdallah
Trip Cost: $3,100 – Graduate and Undergraduate credit

Walk in the footsteps of Paul in Greece! We will meander by the river in Philippi, travel through gorgeous terrain to Thessalonica and Berea, stand atop Mars Hill in Athens, and climb to the temple of Aphrodite in Corinth. In addition to the biblical cities, we will also tour early Christian monasteries in Meteora, the archeological sites of Delphi and Olympia, and more! To top it off, we will head to an island beach. You will fall in love with the Greek food and its people as the land of the Bible becomes real to you!


May 2019

Mexico Outreach from a Business Perspective
Dr. Muckell
Trip Cost: $1,500
Undergraduate Credit

You will gain exposure to both Mexican and expatriate entrepreneurs and businessmen, serve with local ministries and businesses, and gain experience in a business department venture supporting local ministries.


Literary London

Dr. Kevin Pinkham and Dr. Jonathan Gates
Trip Cost: $2500
Undergraduate Credit

Exploring World Literature in London! As a crossroad of the nations for centuries, London provides students with a great opportunity to see the art and history that inspired great writers like Milton, Lewis, Tennyson, Browning and many others.

SPAIN - MAY 2019

The Power of Spiritual Journey

Dr. Ron Walborn and Dr. Wanda Walborn
Trip Cost: $2,700 – Graduate and Undergraduate credit

This course will focus on the spiritual formation that occurs in pilgrimage and journey. Students will engage in a 7-8 day hike of the Camino de Santiago (The Road of Saint James) in Spain. Reading, lectures, and assignments will focus on spiritual transformation in the midst of the journey.

*Pre-trip physical training and a high level of physical fitness will be necessary for the completion of this course. More specifically, students should be capable of walking eight miles a day.


“This is Class!”
A phrase my students have shouted from the top of the Great Wall of China to Table Rock Mountain in South Africa. It is a reminder that learning cross-culturally is exciting and sometimes so enjoyable we can forget that we are in class.
We invite you to be a part of Nyack’s Global Service-Learning courses. Our faculty and students travel to a variety of sites around the world, studying topics in the arts, history, music, bible, theology, business, social work, nursing, and intercultural studies among others.
Your classroom might be a Bedouin camp, a medieval basilica, a tropical rainforest, or a remote village. If you are ready for a different classroom experience, consider applying now for one of our GS-L courses.
Please check out our course descriptions by clicking the trip images above, and familiarize yourself with the GS-L application process.

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