Geographic and Historic Settings of the Bible
Dr. Notley and Dr. Garcia
Trip Cost: $2,700 + airfare – Grad and Undergrad Credit

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary invite you to join a unique travel opportunity to the Holy Land. Our journey is a study of the physical, historical and cultural settings of the land of the Bible in the days of the New Testament. We will give particular attention to how these elements influenced and affected the world in which Jesus lived. This study trip is a focus on historical geography, which is an integration of geography, history, archaeology and ancient literature. Preparatory reading assignments and map studies will maximize your learning experience during your travel from Dan to Beersheba and beyond. Relevant archaeological, historical, and biblical information will be presented in our field studies to enhance your learning experience. Special guest lectures by renowned Israeli archaeologists will complement our efforts to provide you a most rewarding trip to the Holy Land.


Poverty and Children in SE Asia (Undergrad) and Social
Work in Global Context (Grad) | Dr. Kwi Yun or
Educating Children in Poverty: SE Asia (Undergrad) | Dr. Marie White
Cost: $2,800

This Global Service-Learning trip will provide students with heartwarming experiences centered around the G1:27 children’s ministry founded and directed by our alumni in Nangka, Philippines. Students will have the opportunities to investigate the life of children who live in extreme poverty. The focus will be on the nature and consequences of poverty, the societal and global responses to poverty, and the coping methods of people in the community. Through their service learning activities, students will participate in developing resiliency among the children in the community. Students will also visit government and non-government organizations that deal with social issues originating from poverty, such as human trafficking, street children, and crime.


Fine Arts in the City of Venice
January 1-15
Dr. Dana Talley & Dr. Sue Talley
st: $2,900 | Undergrad Credit

You will never forget your first glimpse of “La Serenissima,” the serene city in the sea. As you learn about Venice, you begin to comprehend the genius of building a city three miles out to sea, not only on islands but on the upright poles of millions of trees which have been floated down the rivers of Northern Italy—more than a thousand years ago.

The magic of this city of art, music, great churches, and museums draws millions of tourists from all over the world. As a student at Nyack College, you will explore the city in a far more comprehensive way than a normal visit can provide. This trip also includes a visit to beautiful Siena.


Chamberfest Asia 2020
Dr, Tammy Lum, Dr, Marie Herseth Kenote, and Mr. Leo Li
Cost: $3150 (Incl. Chinese visa app.) Undergrad Credit

Chamberfest Asia is a multi-city music performance and ministry tour, showcasing Classical, folk and Christian music influenced by Asian, American and Western cultures. Performance and service venues include schools, churches, community centers, orphanages and possibly correctional facilities. It is a cross-cultural experience as we explore the unique Chinese cultures and subcultures of Hong Kong, China (3 cities). High quality musicians and worship leaders, ranging from music majors to non-music majors are welcome. Acceptance by interview and audition only. Prerequisite: Register for Mus 361 Chamber Music for 1 or 0 credit during Fall, 2019 in preparation for the tour.


In the Footsteps of Paul

Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah and Mr. Ghiath Abdallah

Trip Cost: $3,100 – Undergrad & Grad Credit

Walk in the footsteps of Paul in Greece! We will meander by the river in Philippi, travel through gorgeous terrain to Thessalonica and Berea, stand atop Mars Hill in Athens, and climb to the temple of Aphrodite in Corinth. In addition to the biblical cities, we will also tour early Christian monasteries in Meteora, the archeological sites of Delphi and Olympia, and more! To top it off, we will head to an island beach. You will fall in love with the Greek food and its people as the land of the Bible becomes real to you!

SPAIN - MAY 2020

Spiritual Pilgrimage: The Power of Spiritual Journey

Dr. Ron Walbron and Dr. Wanda Walborn

Cost: $2,700 – Undergrad & Grad Credit

This course will focus on the spiritual formation that occurs in pilgrimage and journey. Students will engage in a 7-8 day hike of the Camino de Santiago (The Road of Saint James) in Spain.
Reading, lectures, and assignments will focus on spiritual transformation in the midst of the journey.

*Pre-trip physical training and a high level of physical fitness will be necessary for the completion of this course. More specifically, students should be capable of walking eight miles a day.


El Araj Dig | Dr. Steven Notley
Trip Cost: $2,400 + airfare – Undergrad and Grad Credit

Nyack College invites you to participate in an archaeological excavation. The El Araj Excavation Project (EAEP) continues its search for Bethsaida-Julias, one of the three cities of Jesus’ ministry that has yet to be properly identified and in the valley where Jesus is said to have performed the miracle of the feeding of the 5000. Students will learn archaeological methods and techniques, participate in fields trips throughout the Galilee, and hear lectures from biblical archaeologists and scholars. Students can also opt in to tour Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area.


“This is Class!”
A phrase my students have shouted from the top of the Great Wall of China to Table Rock Mountain in South Africa. It is a reminder that learning cross-culturally is exciting and sometimes so enjoyable we can forget that we are in class.
We invite you to be a part of Nyack’s Global Service-Learning courses. Our faculty and students travel to a variety of sites around the world, studying topics in the arts, history, music, bible, theology, business, social work, nursing, and intercultural studies among others.
Your classroom might be a Bedouin camp, a medieval basilica, a tropical rainforest, or a remote village. If you are ready for a different classroom experience, consider applying now for one of our GS-L courses.
Please check out our course descriptions by clicking the trip images above, and familiarize yourself with the GS-L application process.

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