China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

January 2-19, 2019
Chamberfest Asia
Dr. Tammy Lum, Dr. Marie Herseth Kenote, and Mr. Leo Li
Trip Cost: $3,150
Undergraduate Credit

Chamberfest Asia 2019 is a multi-city music performance and ministry tour, showcasing Classical, folk and Christian music influenced by Asian, American and Western cultures. Performance and service venues include schools, churches, community centers, orphanages and possibly correctional facilities. A cross-cultural experience to explore the unique Chinese cultures and subcultures of Hong Kong, China (3 cities) and Taiwan. High quality musicians and worship leaders, ranging from music majors to non-music majors are welcome. Acceptance by interview and audition only. Prerequisite: Register for Mus 361 Chamber Music for 1 or 0 credit during Fall, 2018 in preparation for the tour. Dates: 1/2-18/2019
Cost: $3150 (Includes Chinese visa application. Excluding passport application).
Dr. Tammy Lum, Dr. Marie Herseth Keynote, Mr. Leo Li