Exemption to Participate in the Graduation Ceremony

If you are close to graduating, you may appeal for an exemption to walk. Please contact your Academic Advisor for approval and register at Nyack for summer courses and pay in full by May 15th. Please register for Summer 2020 at Nyack and get Advisor Approval by April 15th.

Required Exit Student Loan Counseling for Graduating Students

If you are a student who has received Subsidized, Unsubsidized or PLUS loans, you must complete an Exit Counseling when you drop below half-time enrollment; graduate; or leave school.

The online Exit counseling provides important information that you will need as you prepare to repay your Federal student loan(s). Topics include: Understand Your Loans, Plan to Repay, Avoid Default, and Make Finances a Priority.

Attached is a PowerPoint that you can refer to as you prepare to make firm plans for repayment.

  1. Review attached PowerPoint –  Student Loan Exit Counseling Video .mp4
  1. Complete the Online Exit Counseling by April  25thvia studentaid.gov

Please note, the Exit Counseling is a federal requirement.  An “Exit Counseling” hold has been placed on your account. Transcripts and Diplomas cannot be released until the Exit Counseling has been completed. Once completed the hold will be lifted from your account.