Cheryl Phenicie is just one of a team of people who run this clinic. And each member of this team risks their life everyday. Each member of this team is very different from the others. They come from different places, from different backgrounds, and they have different stories. Yet they ended up in Aqaba, Jordan, in a world overwhelmingly hostile to their beliefs, serving the needs of women who would not receive help, if they had not gone.

The common experience shared by every person in the Aqaba clinic before they arrived in Jordan, was that they attended Nyack. Cheryl Phenicie graduated from Nyack in 1980 with a degree in social science. Those were the days before Nyack’s new Nursing program, so Cheryl earned her Registered Nursing degree from another institution. But Nyack did prepare her personally for her ministry.

As a student, Cheryl was part of a group that traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking to raise awareness of global needs. Early on she made a personal commitment to go and help to meet those needs. This commitment drew her to Jordan. And she is making a difference.

Friends, it is no exaggeration to say Nyack has produced literally thousands of difference makers like Cheryl Phenicie. This is for one reason, only; Nyack is, and has always been, globally engaged.

The mission that prompted Dr. Simpson to long for Nyack to become a university was and is a global mission. It is believed that the last words spoken by our founder was a prayer uttered for graduates working in ministries worldwide.

We live in a world that demands this type of engagement from all of its citizens.

The world we live in produces new challenges and new opportunities every single day. Nyack will meet these 21st century challenges with a commitment that for us dates back to the 19th century.

As we fulfill all of his vision — we will carry with us a rich history of producing students, like Cheryl Phenecie, who are globally engaged.