Here at Nyack College, we love to talk about our founding purpose to take ‘the whole Gospel to the whole world’ and as an institution in New York City, we are uniquely positioned to reach the world through the full equipping of this next generation. New York City is a crossroads where the neighbors of the world meet, so there are few better places to train people for community development and intercultural ministry than in our fine city.

With New York City’s agglomeration of International NGO’s, local non-profits, and CD practitioners, our Global Community Development major provides a fertile environment for students desiring to work in the Community Development field at home, cross-culturally in our American Cities, and Abroad. Global Community Development is a comprehensive academic exploration of the field of Community Development, and utilizes innovative active-learning and experiential learning models, extending the walls of the classroom to communities in New York City and worldwide. Students will conduct fieldwork modules, site assignments in urban community centers and ministries, and participate in three required internships.

A Global Community Development student can expect to graduate with a thorough understanding of the history, theory, best practices, missiology, and biblical perspective of Community Development with specialized experiences in organizations and ministries working with at-risk and under-resourced communities. The Global Community Development….. Program content covers key topics including: community mapping, development and technology, community-based health and food systems, project monitoring and evaluation. Graduates will be equipped for positions in ministries, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and government, including asset-based development, project management, resource development, sustainable planning, community outreach, housing and transportation, and community education
We are convinced that Nyack College is the premier location for students to prepare for community development and cross-cultural service. Metro New York is our classroom, offering interaction with over two hundred people groups of the world, with access to the consulates of almost every nation, the U.N., and opportunities to connect with ministries and humanitarian organizations addressing profound global needs. The world meets here and you can be a part of it!

Reach out with any questions to our chair, Dr. Scott Reitz.

What Will I Study?

Students will actively engage in a holistic learning program. Some of the areas of study include:

  • Foundations of Community Development
  • Biblical and theological foundations of Community Building
  • Diverse Teams and Community Building.
  • Sustainable Development
  • Intercultural Conflict and Communication
  • Practical skills and experiences
  • Funding Projects and Ministries
  • Spiritual Formation

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the Global Community Development program will be equipped for a variety of opportunities including:

  • Community-based non-profits
  • International NGO’s
  • Intercultural ministries
  • Refugee resettlement programs
  • Church-based community programming