Furniture Approval Process (for upperclassmen housing ONLY)

Our living space on campus can bring us a sense of ownership and pleasure.  Nyack College wants your stay in your residence hall to feel like home.  Rooms for each student include a twin-size bed, desk, chair, closet or wardrobe, dresser, and blinds.

You will want to bring blankets, pillows sheets, a desk lamp, a fan, TV, VCR, computer, waste basket and personal items that make the room your own.  Since no college furniture can be removed from the rooms, it is very difficult to furnish rooms with outside furniture, especially fabric chairs or couches.   Also due to fire safety issues, students are not to bring upholstered furniture into the residence halls unless it meets California Technical Bulletin 133 safety requirements.

Students who wish to bring outside furniture on campus, will be handled on a case-by-case situation by Residence Life according to the following guidelines:

  1. Roommates must all agree on any furniture brought into rooms.
  2. No college furniture can be removed from rooms and no entryways or room exits can be blocked.  There must be a clear pathway out of each room.
  3. Used furniture is prohibited.  Proof of purchase within the last 12 months, must be submitted before the item is brought to campus.  The student may bring this same item back during the next three years he/she lives on campus as long as the proof of purchase is kept on file.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to remove all personal items from the residence halls upon check-out.  No furniture can be placed in dumpsters.
  5. Students will be fined $500 for any personal furniture left on campus.

Students must complete the Furniture Approval Form and return the form to Residence Life for final approval.