Maintenance problems in the residence halls should be reported directly and immediately to the Residence Life staff. Each Residence Hall will give directions during Hall Meetings as to how you submit the request and to whom.

Faculty and Staff

All work requests must be submitted through the work request system TMA. Only faculty or staff will be permitted to set up a TMA account. Area supervisors may designate an individual to establish the account.

1. General – For general maintenance problems, please give a detailed description describing the problem and/or what needs to be fixed.
2. Set Ups – For the use of tables and chairs, please include the day you need them, the time, the location, and any details related to the set up.  Please specify if you desire round tables or standard rectangular 6 foot tables. Please include the date and time you would like to have the set-up removed.  While we cannot always comply within a certain time frame, we will do our best.
3. Key Requests – The Department Head or Director must submit all key requests through TMA.  Any key request made by an unauthorized person through the work request system will be automatically denied.  In the event of keys being lost or stolen, please refer to the Nyack College Key Policy.
4. Key Production and Pick Up – Once made, the key(s) will be stored by the Facilities Department for 30 days.  If any key is not picked up within 30 days, it will be removed and a new request will need to be submitted.  The person for whom the key was requested must pick up all keys and that person must present Nyack College ID.

Click HERE to access the system or ee THIS PDF for instructions.