Director of Facility, Custodial and Safety Services

Doug joined the Aramark Facilities team at Nyack College Graduate School and Seminary in May of  2005 as the operations manager.  Doug’s knowledge of different trades and his natural ability to lead made him the ideal choice to become Director of Facilities in 2010.  Now he is both Director and Pastor for the Facilities Department personnel.  He cares deeply about those who work under his care, and that is incentive for his teams to grow individually and as a team.

Doug oversees all aspects of preventative and day to day maintenance, housekeeping and safety at both Rockland and New York City campuses.  He works collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to enhance their educational experience and environment.  The crew of approximately 25 Housekeepers and 15 Tradesmen keep Nyack’s campuses clean and maintained. He is responsible for building maintenance, custodial, grounds, fleet, facilities planning, repair and campus safety. Doug works to ensure that both grounds and college vehicles meet or exceed county, state and federal codes in all areas.

Doug has enhanced the Security of the campus in several ways.  Surveillance cameras have been added to more buildings and areas so that intruders or inappropriate activities can be detected early.
Working hard to create a paperless office, Doug has implemented an on-line parking permit and citations system.  He has also streamlined office policies and procedures, so that more is being done electronically.  This has created greater efficiency and provided more time for preventative maintenance and larger projects, (like renovating Simpson Hall).

His leadership and stream-lining allows more time for training. Students who come to work in our trades area often have no experience with plumbing, carpentry or any other crafts. Similarly, those who join the custodial team often have no experience except for light cleaning at home.  Much time is put in to training so that by the time students leave or graduate, they are equipped with skills that they can use any time in the future.

Doug works continually to grow Nyack College’s relationship with the Village of South Nyack, Upper Nyack and Orangetown.  Joint projects as well as individual projects by either Nyack College or the Villages are coordinated so that little interruption is made to the campus during utility or street work.  Doug is also working alongside the Village to enhance the beauty of the campus in conjunction with Aramark’s and Nyack College’s beautification projects.

When students go home for the summer, Doug and his teams step up their schedules to make repairs, restore furniture, paint where needed, do deep cleaning and whatever else needs done to prepare for the next semester, all the while working with the many summer conferences that take place on campus.

Some of us believe he makes Facilities the best place to work on campus.  We may be prejudiced; he’s a great boss.


Assistant Facilities Manager

Rich joined the Aramark team at Nyack College Facilities in January of 2009. He came on as a painter, but quickly became a valuable part of all of the operations of the Buildings and Grounds crew, and especially assisted in the Housekeeping Department. He was promoted to the Custodial Manager and moved to the NYC Campus in January of 2014.

Rich commented that the decision to move to the Manhattan Campus was difficult, even though in one sense it felt like going “home.”  In 2017, Rich began to divide his time between Manhattan and Nyack as he took on more of the overall management.  He moved in to the roll of Assistant Facilities Manager, spending most of his time at the Manhattan campus, but visits Nyack regularly to help. He says his co-workers supported him through some very hard times. They are, in many ways, “family.” Rich appreciates working with and for Aramark and Nyack College. He says he feels blessed to work here, but we believe he is the one who blesses all those who come into contact with him.


Beginning in January of 2018, student workers have taken on the custodial care of the campus.  They work with enthusiasm and dedication.  The crew not only cleans, but they shovel snow and help in many ways.  While they  earn some money,  it is their servant-hearts we notice  as they clean the campus for their faculty, staff and peers.


Seven full-time Tradesmen with another 5 – 8 student workers care for our campus and grounds. We have great carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, groundskeepers, electricians, mechanics and general maintenance staff.  Some of our tradesmen have been with us for more than 10 years, and a few more than 20 years. Their gifts, talents and dedication keep the campus a safe, beautiful and comfortable place for our faculty, staff and students.