I. Book Facility

Definitions of Events:

  • Regular Campus Usage or “Seminary Sponsored” (for academic use)

Events related directly to the life of the campus, primary mission, and program of any College/Seminary organization or department, supported by that organization or department participants are mainly faculty, staff, and students (the College/Seminary Community). 
Arrangements:  Schedulers listed below

  • Outside Group Usage & Co-Sponsored Events

Use by any approved outside organization.  Use is generally restricted to educational or religious activities compatible with the College/Seminary’s beliefs and objectives. Usually fees are incurred.
Arrangements:  Auxiliary Services Office



Person Responsible


Music & Performing Arts Autumn-Carol Nova, 6188 Student Recitals and Music Practice Rooms
Registrar (Undergrad & Graduate) Danielle Shin, 6119 All Classrooms and Conference Rooms
Auxiliary Services Michele Blanck, 6185 Outside Group Usage & Co-Sponsored Events
Student Development Deborah Harris, 6132 Student Lounge, Lower Level

II. Sound Needs

III. Work Requests for Set-Up and Tear-Down

  • Notify Facilities (via work request system)

IV. Notify Information Technology Services for any special computer needs 

  • Kevin Buel, x4597