Can I borrow tools, shovels or other equipment from Facilities? We do not loan tools or any kind of equipment. Please respect this policy and do not ask.

Can I use equipment in the Maintenance Garage to do repairs on my car?  The Mechanic, his garage and equipment is for maintenance of Nyack College Vans and Aramark Facilities vehicles only.

Where do I report that something in my room needs to be repaired?  Please report any problems to the Residential Life Staff.  They will submit Work Requests through the proper procedures.

Can I drive my car to class when the weather is bad?  Cars are to be in their designated lots at all times, even when the weather is not cooperating.

Why can’t I back my car in to a Parking Space?   Security Officers need to be able to easily identify vehicles that are registered to be on Campus.  If a car is backed in to a space, then Security needs to walk around to check for a Parking Permit.  In case of an emergency Security needs to be able to check vehicles quickly.  Everyone cooperating with this saves valuable time.