The School of Education’s clinical experiences will meet the requirements outlined in the Commissioner’s Regulations Part 52 during the 2020-2021 academic year. However, pursuant to the document from NYSED “Guidance for NYS Colleges and Universities on Reopening for the 2020-21 Academic Year” effective July 31, 2020, there will be some clinical experience flexibilities in the types of student engagement permitted during the COVID emergency.   The total number of clinical hours must remain the same.
 NYC field experiences, practica, and  internships will be conducted virtually supporting online instruction in schools or via alternative methods.   If candidates go to a school (upstate or out of state), teacher candidates will comply with stated safety precautions in place at the respective schools. 
The following courses are affected during the fall ’20 semester.
Undergraduate Field Experience and Student Teaching
EDU 191  Foundations of Education Field Experience – 10 hours
EDU 391 – Junior Field Experience – 35 hours
EDU 492/493 – Upper and Lower Student Teaching – 5 days / week  for 14 weeks.  ** must have contact with children.
Graduate Field Experience, Practicum or Internship
EDG  730 – Inclusive Classroom Field Experience – 20 hours
EDG  732 – Exceptional Child Field Experience – 20 hours
EDG 615 / 619 –  Child Ed or Special Ed Practicum – 50 hours ** must have contact with children
EDG 763 – Behavior Management Field Experience – 10 hours
EDG  596/597 –         TESOL Internship – 5 days / week for 14 weeks ** must have contact with children
The School of Education is working with school partners to guarantee work with children “to engage in instruction, developing lesson plans and materials and assessment” (Guidance, p. 19).  Furthermore, the SoE  faculty  developed “alternative models such as completing clinical simulations, analyzing videos of best practice focused on pedagogical core requirements in the areas of planning, instruction and data analysis” (Guidance, p. 19) to ensure that they will be prepared as thoroughly as possible for their careers as educators.   This plan will be submitted to the Office of College and University Evaluation next month.