Each student is furnished with a copy of the College’s alcohol and other drug policy as well as campus and community referral resources in the Student Handbook.

Counseling Services also offers a “Mentoring Program” for students with “at risk behaviors” (alcohol, drugs and aggressive behavior). All students who participate in the “Mentoring Program” must sign a voluntary “Contract” form for a one-academic-year commitment. Counseling Services also offer psycho-educational “Addictions and Recovery” groups, individual counseling sessions, workshops during the spring semester, informational pamphlets and brochures. National Alcohol Screening Tests and other Mental Health Disorders Screening Tests are also available in the Counseling Services Office.

The following documents are available for students and can be found in the Counseling Office in Boon Center.

  • Counseling Services Brochure

  • Confidentiality Disclosure Statement form

  • Contract for Mandated Students

  • “Addiction & Recovery Group” (flyer)

  • National Alcohol Screening Test

  • Coming Forward Policy

  • “About Drug Addiction” (pamphlet)

  • “Got A Harassment Problem?” (pamphlet)

  • “Hate” pamphlet