Division of Student Success - Alliance University

True to the vision of Nyack College founder, A.B. Simpson this Division seeks to help students balance the gift of being spirit filled or spirit seeking with academic stamina. Assistance is provided to help students build academic stamina through our COMPASS services, which are designed to point students in the right direction.


  • Academic Advising of provisionally admitted students
  • Developmental Education
  • Disability Support Services
  • Pre-College Summer Warm-Up Program
  • Testing and Tutoring Center
  • Advisement of students on academic probation
  • Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society

The Division of Student Success and Its Mission

The Core Values of Nyack College seek to exalt Jesus Christ and fulfill its mission by being Academically Excellent, Globally Engaged, Intentionally Diverse, Personally Transforming, and Socially Relevant.

To fulfill these objectives, the Division of Student Success is devoted to the guidance and instruction of unprepared or underprepared college students from all walks of life who are committed to Christ and represent the Kingdom, are open to opportunities for leadership, are motivated to achieve academic excellence, plan for their future, aspire to overcome struggles, seek to become servant leaders in their families, congregations, and communities, and succeed in all aspects of their life’s journey, thus becoming personally transformed along the way!

Therefore, it is the mission of the Division of Student Success to guide unprepared or underprepared students in the right direction; to equip provisionally admitted students with the necessary knowledge, instruction, strategies, and resources that will allow them to develop dreams stronger than their struggles, and witness their personal transformation as they succeed unequivocally.