Visitors are required  to complete the Nyack College Daily COVID-19 Screening for Visitor and Vendor Access (Daily Visitor Screening, found below) each day they plan to enter a Nyack College building/floor. Visitors should complete the Daily Visitor Screening before they leave their home or prior to arriving on campus. Visitors must undergo temperature checks with a contactless thermometer as part of COVID-19 screening procedures when entering Nyack College. The device will also indicate if you are wearing a mask or not.

Masks are required at all times. Social distancing guidelines (stay at least six feet from other people) should be adhered to at all times. Please follow directional and informational signs related to COVID-19 displayed throughout campus.

The information you provide may also be used to monitor and respond to the presence of the disease on campus. The information will be maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and public health guidelines.

Daily COVID-19 Screening for Visitors and Vendors