Maggie Labocki, MA, LMHC, CCMHC

Director of Counseling Services

Maggie Labocki has been on staff at Nyack College since March 2010. She currently serves as Director and Clinical Supervisor of Counseling Services at the Nyack College Counseling Center.  Maggie along with the Counseling Staff shares a common desire to see our students thrive in their emotional well-being as they pursue their academic endeavors. While working at Nyack College, Maggie has served on the Student of Concern Committee, New Students Orientation Team, Health Fairs, Internship Fairs, and has been a speaker for graduate class in Domestic Violence and Chapel.

Maggie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Kean University, 5/2001 and her Master of Arts in Counseling at Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, 5/2004. She became NY State Mental Health Licensed, 7/2010. Maggie also holds the designations of Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor from the National Board of Certified Counselors, 11/2014.

Maggie enjoys being a wife and mom to Jason and Gabby and Josh.  They are involved in serving the local church from being part of the worship team to children ministry.

Katherine Kirby, MA, MHC-LP

Counseling Extern

Katherine earned her BA from Hampshire College and an MA in Art Therapy from NYU. She graduated with an MA in Mental Health Counseling with Honors with Distinction from Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. She volunteers with Avail a pregnancy and post abortion support non-profit, Parents in Action and, with the Good Dog Foundation with her mini poodle Vespa. She is also the Advocacy Chair for the 2020-21 year with the New York Mental Health Counseling Association – Metro Chapter. Katherine is grateful for God’s empowering word, which guides her to help people “bring what is in darkness to light” in the counseling relationship for healing and restoration. She is thankful that God walks alongside her to provide a genuine and empathic environment where individuals can safely explore life’s challenges in order to reach their full potential.

Brittney Cruz

Counseling Intern

Brittney Cruz is a Mental Health Counseling Intern at the Nyack Counseling Center. Before she understood what counseling was, Brittney had a natural passion and empathy for people and their personal experiences. After an unusual answer to her prayers, Brittney was able to begin her journey at Nyack College. She completed her B.A. in Psychology in Nyack’s undergrad program and is currently in her final year in the Nyack College AGSC program. In addition to her passion for people, Brittney loves all things creative and looks forward to seeing how clients choose to express themselves through life’s many obstacles. Brittney is dedicated to providing a nurturing and healing space for clients to unpack and process their concerns. She wants to walk with you on your journey to discover, understand, reinvent, and thrive in all God has planned for your life.

Matthew Iong

Counseling Intern

Matthew Iong is a third-year graduate student at Nyack College, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from John Jay College. While working with children and youth at church Matthew discovered a passion for counseling, and helping others overcome toxic shame, anxiety, self-criticism, and depression. Matthew believes that we should look into the past. By doing so, we can uncover unconscious patterns to understand ourselves better. Matthew is eager to walk alongside you on your counseling journey. He is happy to provide you with the necessary tools to help you attain personal insights into getting to know yourself.

Sally Jang

Counseling Intern

Sally Jang is a counseling intern at Nyack College’s Counseling Services. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Rutgers University with a minor in Religion, and she is currently a third-year graduate student at Nyack College, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. Before pursuing a career in counseling, she spent much of her time on overseas missions, and it was there that she realized her passion for people. Her desire is to aid others in channeling their own strength and recognizing their capacity for growth and to facilitate a journey of healing and self-discovery. Sally values a client-centered approach and is considerate of the multi-faceted, unique background of each client. More than anything, her goal is to provide and create a space where her clients feel safe to process through struggles and life’s difficulties and where they feel supported and seen.

Shirley E. Noël, M.Div

Counseling Intern

Shirley E. Noël is in her last year of attaining her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy through Nyack College’s Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. Throughout her matriculation Shirley’s passion for supporting individuals in their healing, coping and growth as they embark on life’s transitions. It was through her years of working with youth for over a decade in mentoring and academic advocacy that she realized the importance of viewing individuals relationally and part of a large system of support whether it be family, community and society. As a result, her approach is to meet her clients where they are and support their growth in self- awareness, self-agency and self-efficacy in order to cultivate and/or sustain a healthier internal relationship and relational dynamics. Prior to pursuing her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, Shirley attained her Masters of Divinity at Emory University where she focused on Pastoral Counseling and is more than happy to work with clients who want to incorporate faith in their therapeutic journey. She is a certified Pre-marital Counselor through Prepared/Enriched and a proud alumna of Spelman College. She is truly excited and passionate about collaborating with all her future clients who are working through anxiety, depression, family of origin issues, racial and sexual trauma, grief, marriage, family and/or friendship dynamics and life transitions.

Megan Petersen

Counseling Intern

Megan Petersen is a Mental Health Counseling student at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, Nyack College (AGSC). She is also an Admissions Counselor for AGSC. Prior to beginning graduate school, she was a Registered Behavior Technician providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Megan holds a B.A. in Psychology from Hunter College. She previously served as a Hope for New York Team Leader, facilitating Worship Services at a residence for people with HIV for over five years. Megan currently serves congregants of Redeemer West Side as a member of the Diaconate. She believes in forming a collaborative relationship to support clients in discovering their strengths and overcoming obstacles. Megan’s approach to counseling is holistic, incorporating the mind, body, and soul. She hopes to provide a safe space for individuals and groups to feel encouraged and valued.

Larreya Schmidt

Counseling Intern

Larreya Schmidt is currently in her last year of completing her M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Nyack College. Prior to joining this program, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Nyack College. She played 3 seasons on the Nyack College Women’s Volleyball team and is now their Assistant Coach. Throughout her Mental Health Counseling program, she has developed a deep passion and longing for helping others through their challenges and life experiences. She has a heart for those who have experienced trauma and helping individuals discover negative thinking patterns that they have developed due to past experiences. Larreya’s ultimate goal is to make people feel heard, seen, and valued. She desires to help others discover their self-worth and find healing and restoration through the power of counseling, and the Lord’s intervention. She will provide a safe environment for individuals to share their struggles, dreams, and aspirations.

Nehanda Thom, CASAC

Counseling Intern

Nehanda Thom is a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and AGSC student. She began her college career as a journalism major but made the switch to psychology in her third year of college after a traumatic experience influenced her to undergo therapy. In her free time, she writes as a part of her therapeutic process, listens to Christian music and explores nature within the city. Nehanda’s hope is to continue counseling undergraduate students after completing the program, eventually own a private practice that operates in a low-income area and provides affordable counseling to marginalized groups, and eventually return to academia by becoming a college professor.