09/05/2022 – Return to Campus Communication Fall 2022


All of us at Alliance University look forward to engaging in  promoting a safe and healthy campus community for the 2022-23 school year. We have a shared responsibility to do our part to sustain an energetic campus experience that is inclusive and welcoming while committing to caring for one another.  Each also must stay committed to take steps that will help move us toward a post-pandemic environment by encouraging and guiding each other in the ways we practice self-care and demonstrate respect for each other.

To that end, please review the following:


We will continue to keep most COVID-19 mitigation measures in place as we continue to monitor levels of risk and comply with CDC, state and local guidance. These guidelines may evolve as the pandemic changes. This includes:

  • Monitor our health:  Temperature check and health monitoring for symptoms and seek medical attention as needed. ​​Health Monitoring Forms can be found here: Health Monitoring Forms.
  • Alliance University will support the health and safety of all on-campus students, faculty, administrators, and staff to be fully up-to-date on vaccinations for the 2022-23 academic year. This means that each individual has received a full series of COVID-19 vaccines, and at least one booster shot. This requirement must be fulfilled and documentation submitted by October 31, 2022.  
  • Weekly testing proof required for unvaccinated individuals coming on campus.
  • Enhanced cleaning of common areas.
  • Follow best practices for regular hand washing with soap and water, using hand sanitizer, and other recommended measures to promote cleanliness.

Employees may also submit for a religious or medical exemption at the following links:

Students may also submit for a religious or medical exemption at the following links:

Respect and Care for Others:

  • Mask-wearing on campus is optional for most students and employees. We ask everyone to honor and care for one another by being respectful and supportive of each person’s decision to wear or not wear a mask. All members of our Alliance University community should feel safe and comfortable in their learning, working, and living environments.

Please note the following individuals continue to be required to wear masks on campus:

  • Individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who are asymptomatic and have been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 continue to be required to wear a mask on campus for 10 days after exposure.
  • Individuals who have had a confirmed COVID-19 case, are required to wear a mask on campus for an additional 5 days after isolation.
  • Respect each other’s personal space and be mindful that others may  have different health and safety concerns and comfort levels. 
  • Take advantage of our spiritual and mental health resources by reaching out to our community for prayer and support.  Also Students can email counseling@nyack.edu and Employees can visit https://www.aetna.com/individuals-families/mental-emotional-health.html to access a list of Mental Health Care providers.

Alliance University will continue to monitor the path of the pandemic, especially clinical outcomes and virus prevalence in New York City and New Jersey.  In addition, communication on this page will feature updates as necessary.

Looking forward to your return to campus!