Nyack.edu Purpose and Mission

Nyack.edu is the public presence of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary on the World Wide Web. As such, it reflects the academic excellence of our institution, its programmatic offerings, and the associated stories of faculty, students, and alumni who have contributed to the vitality of our academic community and its core values.

The mission of Nyack.edu is to engage and serve the interested constituencies of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, particularly enrolled and prospective students, alumni, and their families.

Nyack.edu Design Policy

For reasons of security, quality, and consistency, all visual and interactive elements of Nyack.edu are designed, configured, and maintained exclusively by the Webmaster and the Marketing Team. No other office, person, or entity shall assist with the design or configuration of the website.

Nyack.edu Content Policy

While design and function are the exclusive concern of the Webmaster, Nyack.edu relies upon the faculty and staff of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary to provide all web content. “Web content” here refers to the substance of web pages – text copy, important dates, academic details, documents, and other data. This distinction between design and content allows the Webmaster to strictly control the look and function of the site while relying heavily on the campus community for relevant and helpful information.

Nyack.edu Content Update Policy

The Webmaster will execute website updates based upon 1) an internal schedule of regular technological and design-related updates and 2) content contributions from the staff and faculty of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary. Any staff or faculty member may submit a Web Update Request (detailed below), but approval by the appropriate director, dean, or team leader is required.

Submitting New Web Content

A faculty/staff member wishing to request the creation of new Nyack.edu content should submit the content in an acceptable format (see Section F.) to the Webmaster via the online Web Request Form. If the new content requires additional development or if there are questions or concerns, the faculty/staff member can contact the Office of the Webmaster for a preliminary discussion.

Submitting Updates to Existing Web Content

A faculty/staff member wishing to provide an update to existing Nyack.edu content should submit the update in an acceptable format (see Section F.) to the Webmaster via the online Web Request Form. This is the ONLY avenue for content updates. Content should not be submitted via email unless a special arrangement has been made.

Appropriate Content Submissions

The Webmaster reserve the right to accept or reject content based on the quality, relevance, or appropriateness of the content. These matters will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Update Priority and Turn-around Time

Web updates are typically completed in the order in which they were submitted, though priority may be given to requests dealing specifically with student enrollment and registration. The Webmaster requires approximately one week to complete a typical web request, though larger requests and requests involving the development of new pages and web applications may take longer. Requests submitted with a needed-by date of “ASAP” will be completed within the standard turnaround time. (Exception is made ONLY for true emergencies and legal matters.)

Submission Limit

A single user/division should not submit more than 3 open requests at a time. Requests may contain multiple items. It is preferred that you group multiple items in a single request than submit multiple small requests.

Technical Specifications and Acceptable Formats for Web Updates

Files may be uploaded to the Webmaster along with a Web Update Request, but all files must meet these technical and formatting specifications:

  • All Files. All uploaded files must be smaller than 15 megabytes. (Larger audio and video files can be sent to the Webmaster on flash media/CD/DVD.) Acceptable filetypes are: JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS, PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, CSV, MP3, MOV and MP4.
  • Text Documents. Text content can be pasted directly into the large text box on the Web Request Form or provided in a Word document. Word docs should NOT be formatted or designed. This means: standard font, normal text size, no text color, no tabs, and no columns. Bulleted lists, hyperlinks, and tables are acceptable. Please do NOT embed images within Word documents. No exceptions. (Word documents with embedded images will be rejected OR posted in PDF format to ensure quality.)
  • Images. Images should be uploaded separately from Word documents, and do not need to be web-friendly. The Webmaster will prepare images for placement on the web. As long as each file is small enough to upload (under 15 megabytes), it is acceptable. Large numbers of images (more than 10) should be sent separately from a request on flash drive, CD, or DVD media to the Webmaster. The Webmaster reserves the right to edit, crop, compress, or reject any image.
  • Video. Video content must be approved by the Webmaster and the Office of Enrollment and Marketing prior to posting online. Approved videos may be provided as files (QuickTime or MP4) or on DVD. Videos must be shorter than ten minutes. The Webmaster reserves the right to edit, compress, and reject videos.
  • Audio. Podcasts and audio content must be approved by the Webmaster and the Marketing Team prior to implementation and posting online. Podcasts will be pruned after every semester, and departments are limited to 5 audio clips per semester. Audio may be provided as MP3 files or on audio CD. Audio clips too large to upload through the Web Update Form should be sent separately on flash drive or CD-R to the Webmaster.

SPECIAL NOTE #1: Staff and Faculty Lists.

Without exception, all faculty/staff lists on Nyack.edu must be populated with live data from the Office of Human Resources from their official personnel records. The Webmaster will NOT maintain staff/faculty lists based on hand-typed lists from individual departments. Lists of part-time staff members or student workers and officers will NOT be posted on Nyack.edu.

SPECIAL NOTE #2: Off-Site/Other Types of Content.

Nyack provides many online services which are not hosted on Nyack.edu nor supervised by the Webmaster or the Marketing Team. Many of these additional services can be accessed through a single hub at http://my.nyack.edu. Regarding specialized web experiences for faculty and students:

  1. Faculty. The Marketing Team agrees that faculty should have access to a website to freely post course supplements, syllabi, and other educational materials. This is a service of the Distance Education department, which maintains eCollege access expressly for this purpose. Online grading and registration services are provided through CampusWeb.
  2. Students. Student organizations and clubs would fall under the category and structure of intranet services. However, if student organizations desire to have their own website, they can request the webmaster make a link to their off-site page from an area – designated by Webmaster – on the official college website. Approval by the Dean of Student Life must be obtained before any such links will be created. At this time, Nyack cannot provide students with server space to host their sites. Additionally, online registration is provided through CampusWeb.

Online Payment System

Nyack.edu uses an online payment gateway to accept credit card payments from students. This gateway is available for use by offices which regularly collect fees and payments from students relating to enrollment, registration, and financial services. All uses of the payment gateway require approval from the Business Office and the Webmaster before they can be configured. We employ a transaction method that does not decrypt or store a user’s personal financial details on our servers at any time.

updated Aug 2019