Bowman Gymnasium

Bowman Gymnasium - Auditorium and Athletic FacilityDimension of Gym with bleachers out: 60’ x 110’
Dimension of Gym with bleachers in: 85’ x 110’

Recently renovated in 2005, Bowman Gymnasium houses one basketball court and bleachers seating up to 1,300. It has served the needs of the greater Nyack community by hosting camps, clinics, concerts and public school graduations. The Gymnasium has also been setup auditorium-style for conference groups with attendance over 450.

Moseley Field

Moseley Field - Athletic FacilityDimensions: 225’ x 345’

During the summer of 1998, Moseley Field at Nyack College was renovated and became one of the best playing fields in the area. The Field has held various soccer, lacrosse and field hockey camps throughout the years and is an excellent location for various outdoor conference activities.

Nyack Field House

Nyack Field House - Athletic FacilityDimensions: 120’ x 230’

Previously outdoor basketball and tennis courts, the Field House is an air-conditioned air structure containing a state-of-the-art synthetic turf field, a mondo basketball court and a batting cage. The Field House has a maximum occupancy of 1,600 and can be used for team practices during the winter months, and various conference activities and sports camps during the summer conference season.