Nyack-on-the-Hudson Dining Commons

The Dining Commons is located on the third floor of Boon Campus Center with a spectacular view of the Hudson River. The maximum occupancy of the Dining Commons is 400 but is typically setup with 295 chairs and 56 tables. The Nyack-on-the-Hudson Dining Commons can also open up to the Hudson & Palisades Room to accommodate a larger group.

Hudson & Palisades Room

The Hudson & Palisades Room is located on the third floor of Boon Campus Center just off of the Nyack-on-the-Hudson Dining Commons. Each room has 11 tables and can seat 66 in the traditional configuration, allowing for a maximum occupancy of 132, but can be arranged to accommodate your needs. There is a divider between the Hudson Room and the Palisades Room that can either be closed or opened. The Hudson Room can also open up to the Nyack-on-the-Hudson Dining Commons to accommodate a larger group.

Shuman Hall: Presidents Hall and Patio

President's Hall - Meeting and Special Banquet FacilityShuman Hall, a Tudor-style stone mansion, was completed in 1930 and used as a personal lodge until 1937, where it remained primarily vacant until it was used to shelter WWII refugee children from Europe from 1939 to 1945. The lodge was acquired by the college in 1954 and still retains much of the original decorative elements including turrets, octagon rooms, winding staircase, elaborate bathrooms, fabric wall coverings and hand-painted ornamentation. Shuman Hall primarily houses many of the administrative offices, but also houses President’s Hall.

President’s Hall is located on the first floor of Shuman Hall, and originally housed the college library before it moved in 1994 to its current location in the Bailey Library Building. President’s Hall is equipped with a projection screen and may be setup auditorium-style (maximum seating 100), seminar-style (maximum seating 50-60, 10 rectangular tables sitting 5 or 6 each) or banquet-style (maximum seating 60, 10 round tables sitting 10 each). Outside of President’s Hall through a beautiful pair of French doors lies a large patio that has a splendid view the Hudson River Valley and can be used as extended banquet space for larger parties during the warmer months. The patio can seat a maximum of 60 banquet-style using 6 round tables sitting 10 each.

Simpson Hall: Room 200 A&B

Simpson Hall was the first building built at Nyack College’s current location to accommodate the growth of the college, then a Missionary Training Institute based out of New York City. Construction began on April 17, 1896. The four-storied building, standing on four acres, measured 250 feet by 70 feet. The building was rebuilt on its original stone foundation in 1981, retaining its striking Victorian design.

The second floor conference room can be arranged banquet-style to seat 75 to 100.