Simpson Hall

Simpson Hall - Residential BuildingSimpson Hall was the first building built at Nyack College’s current location to accommodate the growth of the college, then a Missionary Training Institute based out of New York City. Construction began on April 17, 1896. The four-storied building, standing on four acres, measured 250 feet by 70 feet. The building was rebuilt on its original stone foundation in 1981, retaining its striking Victorian design.

Simpson Hall currently has a bed space of 193 (39 double rooms, 29 triple rooms, and 14 double rooms with private bathrooms) and is equipped with air conditioning and an elevator. The building is divided into two wings, the North Side and the South Side, with the elevator located on the North side. Passage between the two wings is available on the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors. Each floor, with the exception of the first floor, is equipped with four communal bathrooms, two in each wing; the first floor has one communal bathroom in each wing. Simpson Hall is the only residence hall that is handicapped accessible.

Moseley Hall

Moseley Hall - Residential BuildingMoseley Hall was acquired by the college in 1956, having previously been a country club. A wing was later added to the north face of this building to make room for a growing student body.

Moseley Hall is divided into two wings: Moseley North (four floors) and Moseley South (2 floors). Moseley North currently has a bed space of 136 (1 single room, 58 double rooms, 1 triple room, and 4 quad rooms) arranged dormitory style with one communal bathroom per floor. Moseley South has a bed space of 69 (3 single rooms, 23 double rooms, 4 triple rooms, and 2 quad rooms) arranged suite style with a shared bathroom in between two rooms or directly outside a group of three rooms. Moseley South is non air-conditioned; Moseley North has window fans in each of the rooms.

Christie Hall

Christie Hall - Residential BuildingChristie Hall dormitory was built in response to overcrowded conditions in Simpson Hall. Christie Hall’s cornerstone was laid in 1945 and the new dormitory was ready for occupancy by September 1946. The red-brick structure has four floors and three sections designated as South, Center, and North.

Christie South (four floors) currently has bed space for 68 (20 single rooms and 24 double rooms); Christie Center (three floors) has bed space for 57 (21 single rooms and 18 double rooms); and Christie North (four floors) has bed space for 68 (20 single rooms and 24 double rooms). Each floor has one communal bathroom. Christie Hall is non air-conditioned.

Dunbar Apartments

Dunbar is an apartment style housing with bed space for 60 (15 quad rooms). Each apartment has a front room and back room, with a private bathroom located in the hallway between the rooms. Dunbar Hall is air conditioned.