The Center for Racial Reconciliation - Alliance University

The Center for Racial Reconciliation exists to educate, disciple and empower our students, as well as all members of the campus community and beyond, to lead the charge for justice and reconciliation in the local community, our nation and around the world. CRR will also lead and partner with organizations in community development and in repairing broken systems.

Additionally, the Center will serve as an interdisciplinary vehicle that advocates for academic research and scholarship in the areas of racial reconciliation and social justice. In collaboration with the faculty and administration, initiatives of the Center will engage and expand the College’s involvement in the areas of reconciliation and justice. Goals and objectives will include updating curriculum to reflect a diverse representation of authors and worldviews.

The Center will help the administration recast leadership development, recruiting and hiring methods, as well as improve systemic and institutional practices at Nyack College. CRR will also provide resources and assist in the development of a Bachelor of Arts in humanities degree with a concentration in social justice.