The Nyack College Career Services website offers job listingsa self assessment toolresume samples, and cover letter samples.  We hope you find the information on this website accessible and helpful.  Career Counseling and Services is available to provide support to our students at every stage of career development.

Five phases to Career Focus

Phase I – Assessing Self

Discover your desires and passions.  The objective is to have an understanding of your skills, interests & values.

Phase II – Exploring Options

There are endless career options; therefore students must be proactive in identifying, understanding and matching Self to the possibilities.

Phase III – Developing Skills

Skills are developed and learned; they develop over time through study, education, practice, experience, and reputation.

Phase IV – Marketing Self

Become your own best advocate by developing the ability to communicate your strengths and talents to others.

Phase V – Performing

Set Goals.  Planning your future involves making effective career-related decisions.


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