Rev. Han Young Baek District Superintendent,
Korean District of the C&MA
ATS Graduate 1985
Mr. Kenneth E. Baldes Ex Officio, Vice President for Operations/Treasurer & COO, The C&MA
Mr. William M. Beatty AIG, Deputy Controller, Head of Finance Controls
Rev. Dr. Victor W. Chan Senior Pastor (Emeritus)
East Bay Alliance Church
Oakland, CA.
Mr. Glenn G. Daves Director, Packaging Solutions Development
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
ATS Graduate 2002
Dr. Rockwell L. Dillaman Lead Pastor, Allegheny Center Alliance Church
Nyack Graduate 1973
Rev. Thomas R. Flanders District Superintendent
New England District, The C&MA
NC Graduate 1989
Dr. Gary D. Friesen Ex Officio, General Council and Assistant Corporate Secretary, The C&MA
Dr. Paul D. Glenn Board Secretary  (Oct. 1983)
Special Counsel,
Investment Adviser Association
LL.D., Nyack College, 2010
Dr. David D. Ireland Founder and Senior Pastor,
Christ Church, Montclair, NJ
ATS Graduate 1991
Mr. J. Michael Knefley President, Ski Sawmill Family Resort
Rev. Dr. Denny Krajacic Senior Pastor, Butler Community Alliance Church
NC Graduate 1975
ATS Graduate 1986
Dr. Tzuo-Yan Lee Pharmaceutical R&D Consultant (retired)
Dr. John Praveen Managing Director, Portfolio Director

Global Multi-Asset Solutions at QMA LLC

Mr. Les S. Robinson Miller Real Estate Analyst, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
Mr. Dwight D. Safer Ex Officio; Senior Business Manager, Global Foundries Inc;
NC Alumni Association President; Nyack Graduate 1993
Dr. Michael G. Scales Ex Officio; President
Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary
Rev. Scott G. Slocum Board Chairman (2014)
Senior Pastor, Essex Alliance Church
Dr. Carolyn Tonge National Executive Service Corps [NESC] of South FL, Senior Consultant (volunteer); Higher Ed. Admin. (retired);                                                                             BOD Member, Seminario Teologico de Puerto Rico [STPR] (2005);     Nyack Graduate 1971 
Mr. Kelvin Walker C&MA Metro-District Superintendent; Corporate VP, The C&MA                                                         ATS Graduate 2011
Dr. Duane A. Wheeland Board Vice Chair (2007) Church Liaison, Global Link Team, The C&MA
Mrs. Paulette Zimmerman The Legato Consulting Group