Why is the College changing its name?

Who we are at our core remains steadfast. Because our community is rooted in connection and partnership, embodying the legacy of Dr. A.B. Simpson, the name Alliance University best represents our vibrant, diverse Christian community. Our vision is to be recognized as a beacon in our city and a headquarters for global change. 

A solid, historic foundation has already been laid. With this change, we strengthen our institutional viability for the next generation of students. We’re still preparing men and women to reach the world with the gospel. Our new name reflects our goal of deepening our relationships with partners, affiliates and communities.

Our legendary mission of commitment to academic excellence, diversity and global impact is unchanged. Becoming Alliance University comes with a new name, a new logo, and new school colors – all a bold representation of an extraordinary transformation.

How can I learn more about the name change and how this will affect me?

Stay tuned and check this page! We will update it with new information as our announcement goes public in September 2022.

Will this affect tuition and financial aid?

No.  Nothing will change.

When will Nyack College become Alliance University?

In September 2022 we will begin using the name Alliance University! You will see an official press release from our University to the public.  We will then begin transitioning campus signage, website, email, and digital properties. This transition will be completed by the end of 2022.

Who will be the first graduating class of Alliance University?

The first Alliance University degrees will be awarded to students completing their degree programs in December 2022. Those students will be included in our first Alliance University Commencement Ceremony which will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023. 

I graduated in May 2022.  Can I get a new diploma with Alliance University?

No. Unfortunately, in May 2022, we did not receive approval from the Department of Education to designate degrees under Alliance University.  Those degrees will remain as Nyack College degrees.

Will there be a mascot change?

Yes.  The search for a new mascot will begin shortly.  Stay tuned!

Will the website URL change?

AllianceU.edu is our new website domain. However, Nyack.edu will remain functional as we make the full transition to the new website.  Staff and faculty may continue submitting content updates using the web request form as in the past. 

Will my email address change from @nyack.edu to @allianceu.edu?

Every account created before Sept. 30, 2022 will have the ability to receive mail from both @allianceu.edu and @nyack.edu in the same inbox. We do not plan to remove the ability to receive from @nyack.edu for the foreseeable future. Once your account has transitioned and gained the ability to receive email from both @allianceu.edu and @nyack.edu, regardless of how you log in you will still be able to receive email from both @nyack.edu and @allianceu.edu.

When will I be able to receive emails from both @nyack.edu & @allianceu.edu?

For Faculty/Staff: We are performing this rollout in groups. The rollout for Group 1 was completed on Sept. 30th. You will be notified a week before your group’s turn. 

For Students: This rollout will occur all at once for students. In order to minimize interruption, all student accounts will update on Jan. 9, 2023. 

When will the transition to Alliance University be complete?

December 2022

When can my department or program receive its sublogo?

The Marketing & Communications Department will hold training sessions on the rebranding guidelines. Once training is complete, sublogos will be released to authorized users.

When can I update my department’s letterhead and other assets that will need the new logo?

Once a department has received training, the designated point person or “Brand Keeper”  may request and receive a sublogo from the Marketing & Communications Department. All stationery and other office supplies should be ordered as usual through Auxiliary Services.